Plague monks are the plague

They are, and have always been, super janky and rage inducing.

-Their attack sequences are unreadable/but that’s the point I guess, even though chaos fanatics

-Their DPS can range from laughable to “oh bilebuckets I’m dead”

-They are sliding like they are training for the winter olympics, zipping in and out of the player’s contact zone

-No sound cue to warn the player that is actively targeted by the monk

-Aggro switch is random and very annoying

Comparing this enemy to its chaos counterpart, the rat is just way way way more infuriating to fight.


Besides the sliding, I say keep them that way.

They’re the biggest threat the Skaven produce. It’s great! Instantly readable from the rest of the horde, buttclenchingly awful shriek, stagger resistance so high you have to invest in power against them compared to their weak bones counterpart that trip when breathed on.

10/10 enemy, would buy a dakimakua of them.


Issue is when you end up alone vs a bunch of them and they start chaining their attacks… if you don’t have a ledge…

They have fixed attack pattern, what do you mean with unreadable? i can read their attacks pretty good and predict.

I haven’t notice them having different dps on swings?

Yes, that’s annoying, just like berzerkers, which makes it hard to know if they are targetting you, they are hitting you from super far away (because they are lagging or something)

They shouldn’t have one.

That’s true, it doesnt happen alot for me ,but if it does it’s annoying. idk what causes it aswell.

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I mean, if you lack a control weapon and the BP to stagger control them, that situation seems acceptable?

Just to be fair, I’m of the opinion that a bunch of these weapons are way stronger/faster than they need to be. If the current values all went Live today I would lobby for all difficulties to go up the next tier of enemy values.

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Lol what? Enemies that put out as much damage as they do should for sure have a sound cue that works correctly. Monks even do have one, it just doesn’t play half the time.

Strong enemies being easily noticeable is like, a basic part of good game design imo


Oh yea i thought he meant having an extra added sound, which they don’t need.

Also i never hear the aggro sound on anything, if thats under music sounds then it’s set to 0, and i do fine noticing monks being aggrod to me. Unless for the reasons mentioned above.

I agree that strong enemies being easily noticeable is good game design. I feel like monks are noticeable enough, zerkers are less noticeable, i think (i’m fine with it nothing against it).

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Definitely agree they don’t need a new one, just for their scream to play before they’ve hit you. They’re not usually too bad if they’re in front of you, but a monk running up behind you, chunking you for 60 hp and then deciding to make a noise is pretty annoying lol

Their visuals are alright, outside kind of weird hitboxes (but that’s just a universal issue with enemies tbh).


I think the issue with them not making sound has to do with them sliding aswell, also the aggro switch sometimes mid combo. i think it’s all lagg related? i’m not sure. But when i see a monk swinging in the horizon, i’m already blocking.

At least you can see them without troubles.

Chaos beserks are far worse in my opinion, because they are almost impossible to see when many raiders are arround them


I know full well they have an attack pattern. But with their movement being as dodgy as it is, you are never sure if you are in range or not.

Nurgle zerks used to slide like crazy as well back in the days, but they got fixed at some point.

Enemies sliding are nothing new (moonwalking CWs are hilarious since they are slow)
Enemies that can drop you within a second being so unpredictable in terms of distance gauging is… Frustrating after a while.

IMO, the only counter being “block until they finish their combo” is pretty weak and uninteresting (no, everyone doesn’t run with 50+power vs skaven berzerkers)

I am also pretty sure their flurry of attack has more effective DPS than a zerk’s “slow and methodical chop chop”. But I’d be open to some real data to demistify the entire thing.

Edit: changed fps for dps


Yea that’s the safest one. The other, more consistent one would be, block the first combo, hit, block one attack, hit, block last attack, hit. You could also dodge and hit in their first combo but i would say this isn’t reliable, especially not on client, but it’s doable.

What does FPS mean in this context? But yes the chop is more distinctive then an arm flapping around in green robes.

They probably wouldn’t be this bad if you could stagger them easier.
As is, they’re the worst enemy in the entire game.

Being able to stagger them easier wouldn’t fix the annoyances of them i think. It wouldn’t fix them sliding and start attacking from super far away and it wouldn’t fix silent combo from behind.
It would make it easier for players who just attack during their first combo chain and die, and try to kill them as fast as possible, instead of waiting a bit and blocking.

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I have a theory that I wanted to post for a while now and nobody seemed to talk about.
I checked the source code just incase if it was intentional or not.
What I am talking about is if you stagger enemies and they get a stagger 1, 2 or 3 state attached, when you hit them again instead of adding another stagger state it goes back to 1 or none (not sure about that one, needs testing).
Obviously there is no stagger state beyond 3, but it shouldn’t go back to the weakest stagger state, that makes no sense, if anything it should keep the enemy in whatever state it is (S1 > S2 > S3) if you hit the max threshold of stagger 3 it should add ontop of the stagger duration and not go back do S1 that’s just stupid honestly.
This doesn’t only apply to monks it seems to be bug that affects every enemy and even bosses.
It is most noticable with stagger ults such as WHC, RV and FK.
When you hit your ult say FK and throw a CW for example flat on its butt, if you hit him at the same time it suddenly stading up straight again ready to attack which is really weird and I am assuming this is a bug or it wouldn’t make sense to me otherwise.
Why would you skip a stagger 3 state and go back to stagger 1 or?
As I mentioned this works with bosses aswell, if you do the same with a Rat Ogre for example, you hit it with your FK, WHC , RV ult and hit it at the same time or a few fractions of a second later it will go out of stagger 3 and start attacking again.
Every enemies has a stagger duration that doesn’t seem to apply properly here so I am really hoping this is a bug.


My biggest gripe with monks is how damn fast they seem to move, often it feels like I literally cannot create any space from them and they are just rollerblading in my face waving their arms.

Overpowered or not this one aspect at least makes them antifun for me.


Interesting thing you point out - thank you for the datamining :slight_smile:

Playing as Shade…Animation resets have been my bane for… Well a long time

Intersting thing i noticed is that they are super fast when running towards you and initiating their first 1-2 attacks but after that they actually slow down a great deal.

So the most effective way to kite them is to just let them initiate those first hits and dodge them before running away.

From what i can tell the sliding is actually part of some attack-initiation deal they´ve got going.

They´ll run at you pretty fast and the first 1-2 attacks will come out hella fast while also moving towards you but after that they still have like 2-3 additional attacks that are much, much slower and can be disengaged from.

Provided you still have stamina and dodge charges left at that point of course.

Issue is when you have a train of plague monks, as is custom, they come in staggered. Effectively widening your window of helplessness.

And since you never really know who they are targeting (even letting a team mate in front get the aggro, they can still switch aggro to you somehow), safety dictates that 4 players hold block when 1 is actively targeted (to exaggerate things)

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