Plague and rituals go well together

The idle plague monk animation kinda indicates they were up to something, placing them in a ritual feels so right.
What if (in case you ever add a plague patrol) half of them didn’t rush to the player and instead started summoning something slightly away?
something to think about, btw, great update, as always, excellent job.

Actually why don’t give them the ability to summon grudge marked enemies into the normal realm?make the amount of mutators be decided by the amount of plagues completing the ritual,
The whole thing could take up to 30 seconds to summon a monster if undisturbed, if you kill one plague and 2 remains doing the ritual, the monster will have 2 mutations, if one plague is left to complete it 1 mutations, if the ritual is completely disturbed, no monster from it.

Players from this game has been disturbing scripted rituals since day one, they should know how it works by now.