Pious Cut-Throat talent bug

Issue Type (Required):

Player Mechanics

Issue Description (Required):

Zealot class - Shroudfield Ability - Pious Cut-Throat talent not working properly with Chain weapons while Sawing kills

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. The Shroudfield Ability must be in Cooldown (or any skill whatsoever)
  2. You must have Pious Cut-Throat talent for 20% ability CD reduction
  3. Hit any enemy in back. For this test, I highly recommend hit Rager.
  4. Try to kill the target with sawing damage (multiple instances of damage). You’ll notice that the 20% CD reduction will not trigger properly.
  • Hard hits kills with Chain weapons (which is not multiple instances hits) will work as expected.
  • Sawing kills with Heavy Attack(which will proc multiple instances of damage) or any attack with special action (which will proc multiple instances of damage) will NOT work properly. CD reduction will not work.
  • Weapon used for this test: Tigrus Mk XV Heavy Eviscerator

[PC] Do You Use Mods? (Optional):

Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Constant (100%)

Platform (Required):

PC - Steam

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