Pimp my castle

It would be great to develop castle, skins potencial far more. How? My suggestions:

  • In-game economy (could helps in many ways to obtain skins or some nice addons) that can be obtained on champion/legendary difficulties. It may result more players going on harder stages.

  • Unlockable areas in castle for in-game cash like additional rooms, basements, towers that could be modified with in-game money

  • Items like furnitures, banners, statues you could place in heroes quaters or unlocked areas
    I think it would be nice to see new areas unlocked in stronghold, and even more nice to see them customised by myself :slight_smile:

It is really fast idea, I didn’t come up with solutions because it will surely take time and hard work to do, but you can also make faster way for those who are willing to spend money for that by selling big packs of this in-game currency for real money, but have in mind somebody want to earn this things by playing.

You had me up until this point , now its just diverged into a huge no thank you !


That’s why I mentioned on the beggining: “In-game money that can be obtained on champion/legendary difficulties”. I really want to see that features, but in most games you can go and farm or just buy something - 2 ways that are leading to same results, there is only matter of time you spend. Btw I mentioned currency-boxes that can be purchased because nobody will do huge work like additional models/areas/features for free - price will be included in game cost, but they can earn some cash extra, money is one of the best motivation for prople to do something :wink:

Further development/changes to the castle seem like they would be natural to the story. There’s a lot of empty space in there. Seems like they could be used for holiday events or promotions at the least, but I would love a way to upgrade how your castle looks just through the story.

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honestly, I think deeds would play a great roll for this. For example, why not have each deed reward a different picture that you can place in one of the picture frames in your castle. Pictures are easy to code so you can many of them if you wanted. So you can reward one picture (in addition to a extra box) when completing a deed which will make them worth doing.


As long as there are no microtransactions, like how “Overkill” did it with the Safehouse in Payday 2, then go ahead.


Have you seen picture frames? In beta we had paintings in them, but they were a bit undercooked, and they had this feature cut on release. But I think with nearest updates we will have some unlockable paintings, that would drop from chest a long with other cosmetics.

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I’d love to get those banners from V1 back, which showed what difficulty you already mastered.
Same applies for upcoming DLC packs, I liked V1’s tavern alot, because it was so…dense. Packed with detail.

The keep is vast and expansive compared to the Red Moon Inn, but also loses its…cosiness. It feels cold.

OH AND it triggers me how the top of the tower is crudely patched up with sawn cloth which will definitely NOT keep the rain out of the keep and away from Lohner’s map. Let me patch that up, for Sigmar’s sake!

I noticed that too - yup they will get rained on alright.

On the bright side, at least the castle has a toilet on the roof. So it does provide the basic necessities. Although it would be nice if it has a pipe bringing in water from the stream into the castle itself that way the heroes did not have to go outside everytime they wanted to get a drink of water.

While we are on the subject, Seinna has a really depressing room. Is there anything that we can do to improve that?

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I want the chars to hang around there.

And Siennas room fits perfect. :wink:

Deeds surely would fits perfect to drop cosmetics and stuff for castle, now they’re worth doing only on legend or champ. Also big “NO” for microtransactions like “To unlock special room pay real $$”, but “To unlock special room: beat map Halescourge on champion difficulty under 10 minutes / pay 500 in-game currency that would be obtainable on champion or legendary difficulty”.

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