Phantom Swings

Issue Summary: Phantom swings, (Weapons not hitting any enemies) have been considerably worse since 1.2. Target priority system the cause?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Swing at enemy
  2. “Miss” enemy
  3. Get stabbed by enemy

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Often (< 75%) At least once a match.

Additional Information:
Youtube link to video, file was too big to upload


Make sure you don’t have the mod on, “Player List Plus”. It causes you to be unable to hit enemies and they hit through your block. Causes all kinds of other weird bugs as well. It’s been acknowledged already by the Devs.

Mod issues aside, Mats AKA @Ratherdone has been busy on this one this week.

The main take-aways from his work this week are that the sweep system now saves and guarantees hits when using precision targeting (if we miss the target or it dies or stuff) + addition of a connection with the smart targeting system and some other tweakings to ensure a waaaay better predictability and reliability when attacking with precision sweeps.

Mats will now go through all the weapons and decide if they really need precision sweeps, tune them and make sure everything feels good and has some utility.

He hopes it will be done today but since we have a patch being built and tested it may not make it in to the next update, and we might run a beta on those changes to get some focused feedback on how they feel prior to going to the live game.


Glad to hear it’s being worked on.
I think a beta for it would be a good idea, sounds like it could be quite big changes to some weapons.

Keep up the good work!

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