PETITION: Give us a Bretonian Longshovel

Copy-paste the moveset from VT 1:1.

I need my space knight power fantasies fulfilled.

That is all.


There is no Bretonia so no?

How do you know that? There’s a million worlds in the empire, surely there must be a region somewhere on some planet that makes amazing shovels.
You’re literally playing against demons in space, how can you be so unimaginative?

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When equipped the ogryn will also say random lines in a horrible french accent


Not mine, my voice is all Russian accent so no idea what you’re on about.

Krieg Powershovel.

Bumping this since Fatshark is looking for constructive feedback!

I still need riposte fighting to fill my space shovel power fantasy!!!

I’d legit pay good money for this DLC.
Instead of “sah” he calls everyone “peasant” !? Yes please!

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