Peril management help?

Hey, I thought I had a handle on Peril in the last beta, but that was a month ago and I’m returning to the psyker, and finding I forgot all I learned, and a few things have changed.

Does venting peril do self damage or is that only a vermintide/overcharge thing? What does a new psyker need to know about high peril? Does it empower the radial blast?

Venting peril doesn’t do self damage.
Only self-damage you take with peril is by exploding.

Also, with the appropriate feats, venting peril (either through natural decay after 3sec of not building it, or by “quelling it”), it regenerates Toughness.

There are other feats that depend on peril so it’s down to playstyle really (and weapon choices).

Plasma Gun is a weapon that has a vent mechanic that does self-damage. Although you can safely vent all heat by reloading (although that is a slower interruptible process.)

The psyker’s ult can save you after you start exploding. I often run into high-level psykers who don’t seem to know this, and it really opens up psyker gameplay as you don’t have to worry so much about accidentally overloading yourself.

You only need to quell down to 97% to start another brain burst without exploding.

The force sword weapon special can be used at anything < 100% without you exploding.

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Be aware that sometimes the self-detonation animation plays out much, much faster than normal, making it impossible to cast your ult in time.