Penance help

I consider it easy as heck, tho madmardigan would beg to differ.

Cmon man, you directed your insult to the wrong person.

bruhhh stun nades should only be used when backed into a corner by a heavy horde, or to help a downed ally. Mainly to help a downed ally.

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I think when I did it, I just lobbed all the grenades I could in to a pile of trash enemies and flamed them. This was December '22 though, and the game was admittedly more trash-horde heavy. I wasn’t doing level 5s at that point I don’t think, and obviously not aurics.

Some are definitely more difficult now with the game changes. But some are a lot easier; the Ogryn rush 90m in 10 seconds (or whatever it is) for example is trivial with an ability recharge stim, whereas it used to require you to have team mates in coherency killing Elites with you iirc.

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Hordes get cut down like butter. When does anyone get backed into a corner by them? It’s only when 10 crushers, ragers, maulers and balwarks show up that pushes into a corner and in that instance getting 40 kills is not possible in 10 seconds.

Thats why i said mainly for saving people. Only time ive seen people get backed into a corner by a horde is when they choose to play defensively and back themselves into a corner.
Also why i said way above to choose a pox walker horde.

Also you jus need 4 kills per second, head hunting with an axe, heavy spamming with evis, using flamer ; multiple ways to accomplish this especially with the help of a stun grenade, especially against chaff enemies.

Are you sure that a level 4 or 5 high intensity, rather than auric, might not be better for you? Aurics bring elites; high intensity bring larger / more regular hordes.

Well. I think so anyway.

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pretty good info to know, hopefully it aint all jus hearsay

Everyone else on the forums seems to agree that it’s way less dense today than it used to be, due to xbox cross play requiring less dense numbers.

I’m only going by what others have said on the forums. You’re the first person I’ve seen say it’s the reverse.

Theres definitely been way more rager/mauler hordes than chaff hordes. But even then, rager/mauler horde only consists of 10 enemies max, prolly less.

Less enemies in hordes but the frequency of run ins have been increased.

Due to a bug heresy was way more intense than Damnation during release. It had some kind of high intensity mode going that took a while to be fixed. That was before the modifier was a fully implemented officially. But yes the xbox release definitely lowered the spawn rate.

Honestly I have no idea how regular Damnation is going these days. I can’t remember the last time I bothered with it. All I know is that current HISTG and high intensity are empty af compared to earlier.

And I hope you can see why that makes this penance uneccesarily difficult in current form.

If the chaff hordes were more plentiful and denser then yes this would be easy.

As I said, all you need is a clutch situation where the team f’s up and you get to take your time waiting and directing the hordes ahead of you.

Install the true level mod. Look for auric maelstorm lobbies that have characters with levels below 60-100 and aren’t rocking the Auric Meme Storm title. That will increase your chances of the run going sideways. That’s your moment to collect your 40 kills.

Dense chaff hordes still pull up tho jus way less than elite hordes. Fatshark could maybe lower kills needed, but I aint the judge of that especially when there are console players who have a hard time playing in general. Plus I’d hate to see easy penances.

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Now that I think about it, the consignment yard mid level event is actually perfect for this. You’ve got very high horde spawns and a lot of space to easily kite and direct them. You also get two chances as there’s another 1-3 wave horde spawn right after the event is finished and you press the button to open the door.

Wait for HISTG/hi intensity auric damnation versions of it to pop up. And you might wanna ask your team to give you a moment to try it. I did the Psyker BB a boss solo for 100% damage challenge that way. Got it done the second run asking pubs to allow me a try.

Most auric people are pretty chill and will give you the space to do an attempt, babysit and help even.

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Could tell the team to not kill any enemies and to gather them in an area. Flash and flame em down.


Exactly. Just ask them to line up behind you so the entire horde is directed your way. I’d certaily help for a few attempts and most others would as well. People are pretty understanding and helpful if you know how to ask nicely.


True, only beta male cucks and pick me girls (silly gooses) outright disregard your effort in finishing penances.

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