Peek-a-boo is BORING, push rushdown! DO NOT push ranged!

nah dawg f that

people like this are why online discourse is completely pointless

the only people these days who seem to frequent onlince places are people nobody would talk to in real life because theyre clowns and its obvious to anyone who talks to them for a couple of minutes and then you just move on with your life and ignore them forever - thats how it works in real life - but they dont get that online - they get jester awards and never get banned so they keep doing it.

And if all the sane people leave online discourse because its really just clowns then all the feedback people ever get is based on what the remaining clowns have told them.

And let me guess, you, one of the few actually clearly agitated people here, is that sane person? While the rest of us are clowns?

Mate get over yourself and get real. You’re taking this way too personal for no reason. People don’t share your opinion, big deal. Stop trying to be an elitist when you’re clearly not, it’s not a nice color to dress yourself in.


@Crau, thanks for bringing up the good-mannerism side of things.
@CataTwitchOnly , I was solely trying to engage in conversation.

I am sorry if you feel the past 4 years of my life studying the aesthetic of violent videogames at master and PhD level, as well as countless hours playing other FPS games at high difficulties and working on and teaching how to make videogames does not mean I can weigh my opinion on the matter :wink:

Also I tampered my opinion after having played a higher sedition level, as you suggested it differed greatly.

The thing is, I expressed myself in a way that was detached of any specifics regarding difficulty, as you seemed to imply that ranged, cover-based gun-play is “BORING” in the bigger sense, not in regards to any difficulty-related argument (to begin with).

I would invite y’all to stay on the discussion/argumentative side of conversation, and not delve into writing down expletives as if your forum post were an equivalent of a spoken diatribe agaisnt the enemies of mankind.

We all want the game to be more fun! I’m trying to argue the shooting is or can be fun, you’re saying it’s not. I’m sure the truth is somewhere in-between…!