[PC] Closed Test - Sign Up


Summer approaches fast, and with it we’re looking to collect details of players interested in testing.

You can complete the sign up form here. What’s important to note is to be honest - we’re not just after those who are top of the game, but a cross section of Skaven slayers, Sigmarites and scrubs alike.

Filling in the form doesn’t guarantee a spot, each applicant will be reviewed based on the criteria we have and slots to fill. There’s no right or wrong answers.

This is also, I should add, not for one particular test, but for any upcoming closed tests we might hold, so even if the next test isn’t something you’re in, the following one might be where you find a slot.

Papa bless.



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Are you going to have any testers for Xbox or PS4?

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For Xbox we are in talks to enable opt-in ‘test-flight’ testing. Is similar to the existing closed test group but you can sign up for it rather than it be a manual thing on our side.

For PS4 we’re looking to find out what options there are but it seems more limiting than the Xbox One side.

I’m always excited about these test phases.
I’ve been in all the “test” groups since VT1 beta, and every time I apply for a new test I’m like “How long will my streak go ?” x)

Nonetheless, as you mentionned summer I assume it’s a WoM test, can you confirm it ?

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How can I sign up for the Xbox one beta test?

If we are picked, any time-table for when we’ll be notified? :slight_smile:

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Submitted. Mayfly Lumberfoot is on the case. Curious, I’m assuming this is for the summer expansion? Or is this to test new updates as well? Glad you guys are doing this.


I have also signed up, I will be happy to help with game.

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Signed up :blush: I hope I can help if I have the honor of being elected

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C’mon lads, Fatshark need our help! Sign up and do everything you can to create a better game together!
Sigmar provides!

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Kill fa ol’ KRUBAH!!! Ohhhhh fingers crossed

Thanks for the info. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this when it’s ready.

This seems interesting :hushed:: :open_mouth:

Upping this cause I wonder, did any closed test was launched since this ?
If none did, are you guys gonna keep it secret except for the chosen ones when you launch a test ? Or will it be known to everyone that a closed test is currently running ?

As far as I know, no one has been selected so far. Unless they are keeping the test group super small and making them all sign NDA’s. If it’s anything like their other closed beta tests, it probably won’t occur until a week or two before it goes live. Which is a shame, we have a few months now to sort out all the bugs and get an efficient build ready for launch.

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