[PC] Big Balance Beta - Available Now!

Please let’s try to be constructive with the feedback and stick to dedicated threads for it. It’ll help us! This thread is getting noisy and what we need right now is signal. So make feedback threads where needed and be sure to give support to feedback you agree with.


You can’t vote on an election that isn’t announced anywhere.

On a different note. I believe the changes to handmaiden lvl 30 talents are quite horrible, specially the rework on bladedancer.

Instantly revive people? sounds great on paper, but how often do you want people to go down? handmaiden can use her skill A LOT, so I can’t see anyone picking this, 90% of the time is a wasted talent. At least the bleeding talent was underused but offered some different playstyles, this is just a different version of stealth.

Also, I’d rather keep the crit on power from pain than the cleave, but this is more of a personal choice than anything.


The election is literally right now.

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new Burning Dregs is not work

Not regarding what the post I replied to was saying.

Moved feedback to dedicated topic.

It is unclear if passive aura affect Kruber or not, because it is part of his defence and without it this talent will be quite unattractive if not to say worse.

There is designer comments in weapons section, why there is no comments in talents section?

I hope that talents is just for the test, because besides some of the really good ones there is several that just outright worse than existing ones.

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Bounty Hunters “Last Shot Power” would only be interesting imo if he still had the talent that revolved around killing Elites to regain ammo when you were out. That or if the buff length lasted a longer duration. As opposed to the other 2 options which are more about raw damage increases I could see the attack speed buff being useful in other ways.

“Party Movement Speed Buff” should give Saltz the 20% and 10% to other players.

Melee Kill Reload should perhaps include a small chance in gaining ammunition as well which would be a nod towards VT1 and would thus work well with Last Shot Power.

Job Well Done stacks should be halved on death and not completely lost imo.

Bounty Hunting would be nice if you could see how many bounties you collected as an overlay over the bounty picture or in another way.

You would still run crit power for the boost to ult damage. Dual wields will still do similar damage if you have a decent headshot ratio bc of boost curve. They just require a bit more skill now as they should to justify their insane dps output.

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I really like the ideas in this beta test. I feel like it is pushing the players into more of a team-oriented playstyle. I think that roles will become a bigger thing now due to the talent changes, but the weapon changes will allow those roles to be filled more comfortably with a greater diversity. I would love to see how some of these changes will work in live play. Not sure about the weapon nerfs but we will see. All in all this is just a test , but I’m happy the devs are looking into what people in the community really want to see and getting our feedback on it.

Handmaiden did not need a buff, she was perfectly viable, she could litterally survive anything due to 90% BCR and High dodge, i agree that the ult talent changes are worse, but she def did not need a buff

I think Asrai Grace could’ve either used a buff or the change it now has. Shadow Step is both a nerf and a slight buff in that the extra dodge is now only applied when blocking. The 1 second buff is a bit too short to make much use of in certain circumstances imo.

The other changes are kinda meh. Bladedancer now being just about reviving without any passive benefit is a terrible change when the current talent could’ve just used some better way of scaling for difficulties as another way to horde clear. Power from Pain I’m not entirely sure on as the old one worked with both melee and ranged attacks while also more easily setting up crit passives while the new one just adds more cleave but you kinda have to dash into a horde or dodge in and dash out of one to make use of - seems a gimmicky to me. Invis will still be the most picked choice most likely.

I think it would be awesome if you guys could add some tweaks to Traits as well.
Some traits are heavily underused while some are highly dominant like Swift Slaying.
I will say that I don’t think nerfing Swift Slaying is the right move because most traits just feel lackluster and pointless as is, and I think the game variety would really profit from buffing them instead of just pushing SS down.


Agreed. Swift Slaying is fine as it is. Other traits or properties do need to be looked at. Since the developers haven’t touched them for an eternity perhaps have these modders look at them.

I almost never post but I felt the need to voice my opinion (whether it’s liked or not.) Some of these weapons have already been nerfed a lot in the previous big balance and even before that at 1.0 iirc. I have to say I’m pretty tired of this “people pick these items so lets make them less effective to encourage them to use other items” mentality. If the goal is to rework weaker items, I wholeheartedly support and commend that effort greatly. The BBB patch around WOM release killed some fun of the game for me and definitely ruined it for contingent of my friends. Many of those people permanently left the game behind. I stuck around but have vastly played solo’s since then. There may not be as many people voicing their displeasure openly on places like here but, I assure you they exist. The “addition by subtraction” element is not a smart business move here. I for one am a bit mentally exhausted by its’ proposal.

I’ll just leave a quote from the steam discussion on this this from a user named Infuriator who responded to someone being hateful to people not happy about some of the changes. I think he/she made a great point on the matter -

"Try to look at this from a business perspective: your customers have decided what products they like the best, so is the answer to ruin them? Does that make your customers happy? This is exactly what FatShark is doing in a case like this, and while it may please a few people like yourself, the vast majority will be annoyed. This is supported by the data, after all. FatShark is deliberately choosing the most popular weapons in the game to nerf. Read that again. The. Most. Popular. Weapons. As in, the MOST people (not a small minority), but the most, like them as they are. So let’s ruin them.

In my opinion, not a great decision if you want to keep your player base happy and willing to buy more DLCs."

Nononono :cry:

Gimme bladedancer back! I love that thing even if many other handmaiden players use the discount shade talent instead.


It’s just a beta. Most proposed changes are gonna be changed before release or not make it into the live version at all.

It’s changing some weapon stats. I didn’t buy this game for a weapon, i’m sure nobody did. If the melee combat is still here after this beta i’m happy. I don’t mind them changing my favorite weapon, as long as it still feels good, and they are also buffing alot of weak ones in the process. And the melee combat will still be here after the beta. Those changes proposed, which are gonna change over the course of the beta, are not ‘so impactfull’ that they are gonna change how the entire game feels. Unless you only enjoy vermintide with a certain weapon with certain stats, then yea, gl.


No, no that is just wrong. Most people who are displeased have made sure to tell so on the forums. They are not silently annoyed.

They did not nerf the most popular weapons. They did nerf the most overperforming weapons. You can now try to come up with reasons why the most overperforming weapon are most popular. Tip: People are powergamers. Even then, test the stuff. These nerfs are so brutally minor. They should have nerfed more.

That damn list is 90 % buffs and people hang themselves up on the remaining 10 %.


Yea I enjoyed Bladedancer as well. Being able to stack power vs infantry and chaos + other talents for more power and then dashing through a horde and dodging back with Wraith Walk was pretty fun. Only issue is that the damage didn’t really scale well when Cata was added.


How did it not? If you stacked for Bladedancer then you could kill every horde enemy (and Assassins) on Cataclysm except Marauder. If you opted in for Spirited Focus you could even kill them, so all horde enemies. That is perfect scaling actually.

But yea, the old Bladedancer was far more interesting then the Resmaiden we have now.

I approve.


Eh I haven’t played with it for awhile on cata so mb. We already had resmaiden when it came to dashing while in the process of recovery.

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