Patch Notes 1.0.22

This patch honestly exceeded my expectations, as low as they were. Genuinely a heap of great stuff in there. Hope the patch schedule is a bit faster in the future. Receiving this in parts over the past 2 weeks would have been preferable honestly. Overall good stuff though.


Nowhere is that in any patch notes, and yay? Now we just need the 6 other things not working fixed then lol

Also glad they fixed “Shred” twice. Good job, still learning i see.

That and the mission board over at that fansite. Because it was immeasurably complex to implement i guess.

Agreed. Good work. I hope the netcode can get fixed soon.

Oke now that i actually can read again (sigh to my previous derp post…)

This is honestly lot more than i expected to see. Some good QOL for enemies, weapons, traits … honestly there are lots of minor annoyances that i personally found to be annoying so good to see them fixed. Not to mention finally getting that TH buff and all. Need to give it a proper try to say anything definite but MORE of this.

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Also, it appears that a lot of people are reconnecting 'cause of the update, because the servers are absolutely sh!tting themselves again :person_facepalming:

Thank you for the post.

Is the patch live now? I was playing experimental build so when I just switched back I can’t tell if it’s the patch it goes back to. Anyone knows?

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We hear your enthusiasm for an updated Roadmap for Darktide, however we have adjusted our short term plans to allow for more work on our top priorities which mainly revolve around getting the game to where it should be. Because we are in the process of adding changes in accordance with the feedback we have received since launch, certain features we hoped to have in the game by now have had to be pushed back. We aim to bring you an updated version in the future once we have a more concrete plan in place.

Awesome, you updated your roadmap to be more online with reality, but can we see the roadmap?

One of the big things that I am hoping for is more communication. All these fixes are great, but a little transparency goes a long way, and the lack of communication went a long way towards alienating sizable chunks of the community.

I am hoping they give you a lot more leeway to act as an active voice for fatshark.

Got the update when switching back to normal build so I’m not sure experimental has been updated. Also would like to know if the experimental fix has made its way into the new update?

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This has all arrived far, far later than it should have done, but I am grateful for its arrival nonetheless. A step in the right direction. You now need to iterate on this behaviour. Continue to engage and communicate. We do not expect you to magically fix everything over night, and people will cut you some slack if you keep them in the loop, just don’t go back to shoving your collective head in the sand and pretending that the cavalcade of buffoonery that was this game’s release never happened.

Now I am just hoping that you have not bricked the performance again (like virtually every previous patch has upon release).

Keep on keeping on!

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Nah nah nah, these details are important and it isn’t spaghetti over spaghetti. Most of it is tweaking numbers, or updating/adding variables such as damage profiles on attacks or chaining options from state to state (for example adding chaining to weapon special state from block state, or reducing the window before an attack can be registered after switching states (.8s to .2 for example). (Assuming the game engine is the same as VT2, which I think is a reasonable assumption)

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To me it seems like the Toughnes bug is back i had 175 TP on sniper and got hit by zombie for around 25 hp just me or anyone else?

Oh well, I guess it’s back to knives and axes as the only weapons that synergize in any way with the zealot’s feats :man_shrugging:

And with the deflector nerf I’m struggling to find any reason to play the dedicated anti-QoL class.

At least Ogryn feats should work now!

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Just, you know, don’t design a system that promotes the use of third party plugins. No one would use it if FS did not choose a system that feels like it is ripped from a P2W game that wants to sell you shop rerolls for premium currency.

If you are concerned for the players safety, you know what to do.


Finally, they are back at it. yeeha.

What is experimental build and how to try it?

Simple LUA fixes should just be trickled out and released as soon as possible, no need to bunch them up over a month or two.

I’ll say it again (ad nauseam), these need to be hotfixed ASAP over-the-air on game load like Borderlands 3 did.

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