Patch 2 feedback

Ariel’s benison
Cool! That’s something!

Why increasing the damage? Did you implement bleeding for the basic dash?

Power from Pain
15 secs sounds cool. It needs more testing.

“Added pseudo random distribution to critical strikes and procs.”
It would be good for the loot system, too, for the unlucky players.

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Now that you mention it. It’s quite strange it hasn’t been implemented yet. :thinking:

I wonder exactly how it is implemented then? Pseudo-random generally means “mathematically generated sequence of numbers that appear random”, so it is basically random for our purposes.

That’s just the old description from when the talent did have bleed by default back before WoM that they must have copy pasted.

Pretty sure what this means in effect is your overall critical chance will increase relative to the number of attacks you make that don’t crit, i.e. preventing long dry streaks of no crits. What OP posted isn’t the whole patch note pertaining to this change. In dev comments they explained something similar to what I said here.


Simple, lets say you have 66% crit chance

Firstattack: crit

Second attack:

you crit = third attack will have lower odds to crit

you do not crit = third attack will have increased chance to crit

Doing so you have about 2/3 crit rate on three attacks

Just simplifying, but I hope it helps you understand

Thank you! I’ve found that in the patch notes. It’s just not exactly correct to call this pseudo-random - that’s what called my attention.

I think it’s a good thing.
Situations of feast or famine are annoying to deal with as a player.
The designers chose the simple, yet efficient solution.
Good job.

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Just one question I have regardin this: if the chance of actually critting is adjusted every time you swing a weapon, can you guarantee that the overall crit chance percentage stays the same though?

The pseudo-random distribution is not a novelty and is employed in a number of different ways, including gaming industry.

In much the same way Fatshark aren’t trying to describe it in a misleading way, it’s widely used nomenclature for this type of system.

Dota 2 is the most notable example to implement this system and pops-up as one of the first on a search related to gaming industry, you can look it up in your spare time if you want to know more.

If I understand it correctly, theoretically the crit chance would be increased. We would also se an exponential increase that is higher if you’re running a low crit build and low crit weapons compared to a high crit build with high crit weapons.

In practise it shouldn’t be noticeable though, since it only affect you when you’re having a non-crit streak, but not when you have a highgcrit streak.

Ariel’s benison

I used it more and its a very distinctive ability. Giving back 20% green hp is awesome and the speed makes it possible to use it even during melee. Good job!

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