Patch 1-4 -- Sienna's 1h sword has lowered armor damage

I noticed damage profile against armor was somehow lowered I believe on all attacks, including heavies, but it is especially lower than what it was before on Light Attack 3. Testing against the Armored training dummies shows that headshot damage is weaker actually than the vanilla version. It’s supposed to be even more powerful than it was before in the BBB right?


As an update Sienna’s 1h normal sword still has a lowered armored damage profile compared to what it is in the Stable branch. I never saw a changelog saying that it was meant to be nerfed.

Currently, the fire sword does a better job of clearing hordes and dealing armor damage due to this. The fire sword’s light attack 3 does more against armor on bodyshots and headshots, than the normal sword’s third light. I’m pretty sure this is not an intended feature. This is kinda a big deal if all these changes will be made Live and one of her weapons is going to be half broken.

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