PATCH 1.1: good intention, wrong road

Fatshark, I can see your attention toward players and your intention to improve the game… but IMHO this patch run on a wrong road;

  • crafting system/green dust: this was a real important problem in the previous version: we could not try several careers, we could not try new build… now we have more green dust, but this is only a provisional solution. I had 600 blue dust… now I already have 300 blue dust and I haven’t improved no one items (bad RNG fault). Soon we will have again green dust problem! We need V1 crafting system or anyway some change to the crafting system basis;

  • I see the new challenges as “just play normally and sometimes take one more chest”… I don’t see nothing that can improve variety or that push yourself to try new things/style… we could have more difficulty/particular challenges that could give us (for example) a red dust in order to craft (with some red dust and other materials) red items… and here the third problem starts (read below):

  • red item… simply, they are still 100% rng. This new mechanic about challenges totally wasted, no bad luck protection, etc etc…

p.s: the game crash every 5 min… I just can’t play.


I wouldn’t say that FS are taking “wrong road”. It’s just that they’re moving too slow. I mean every change you mentioned is a good change.

  • Green dust problem is almost fixed now, they only need to get rid of rng now and make a fixed price for getting desired stats.
  • Challenges do not look like challenges at all - that’s right, but they now have the tools to implement them on next step: the board, event registration system, and they had tools for modifiers from the start - deeds.
  • Red items, again, droprate finally looks fair, though that is yet to be evalusted. All that’s needed now is a crafting system.

Will FS make those changes - I don’t know. But as I said, I think that all those changes are in the right direction.

There is one thing I COMPLETELY disagree on with you though! This:

While FS clearly TRY to improve the game, idk what attention to players you’re talking about. We got green dust fix only 3 months after release. There is still no bad luck protection. FS are being as silent as ever. And they’ve even managed to frustrate yet another bunch of people with their comments on chest hoarding and compensations.

Attention… yeah.


You get access to WAY more loot now, which means WAY more dust. You also have a higher chance of reds which means you’ll need much less dust.


Tell me you green dust problem now?

Where is the difference between “get green dust or craft green dust from blue dust”???
You still got 300 blue dust? so you could roll 150 times your weapon…

Challenges? The deeds and some of the level challenges are real challenges. It´s more like an achievement system like it is in diablo… and this is not bad… free goals, free trails, free chests for those who need a goal in this game…

Red items? Maybe i´m lucky yeah, because i got a lot even prepatch, but you don´t really need them. 1% AS or Crit or whatever don´t have that hard effect. It´s still a skillbased game.

FS gave out this patch, for all ppl which cry since release. And now??? STILL CRY HARDER… change your mind, for real…

I can agree.

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I can’t agree.

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That I have spent 300 dust and I haven’t found decent bonus on ONE SINGLE item… Anyway, YOU must to change your mind, people can have different opinions.

Way more loot? How? You know those challenges etc will dry up super fast, doesn’t take long to complete nearly all of them.

After that, what you’re left with is 1 extra champion chest per day. How is that way more loot?


But the reds argument still viable, isn’t it?

yeah nice opinion… 1st cry for more green dust, then get it and still cry… you can´t tell me you don´t got any good trait on one item… otherwise you only roll for max. and still cry, that you don´t get it… better question is… what do you do if you got all god roles? quit the game? :wink:
just be glad about good patches and stop arguing about the same stuff over and over again.



I don’t know how much/if any the red drop has been increased. I haven’t felt it personally, which of course is just anecdotal, but that’s the problem with a full RNG system.

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Ehy man, I haven’t time to spent with arrogant user like you that speak without know, so this is my last message about this discussion:

  • cry?! This is motivated opinion;
  • I have spent money for this game, so I’m licensed to express my opinion;
  • since day one I have said that green dust is just last problem and that we should have a less rng crafting system;
  • I play because the game is fun and to test my skill… not to farm, no one should play just to farm, IMHO.

y and it´s quite obviously that you play for 1% more XY if you´ve got a problem with that…
If you would play for fun and skill only, you would give nothing about green dust issues or crafting issues or red stuff, because it´s not really necessary… you condradict yourself

PS: if it would be YOUR opinion… why do you write “we need …”

If you want vermintide 1, you should go there and play… this is another game

They have already dried up for me now I did most of them.

Yeah same here, first day really. Might have had something to do with getting one career done on legend first day :stuck_out_tongue:

Prolly didn’t get the 100 champ+ maps done yet, but I see your point, I did all the legend maps for Kruber really fast for his black outfit and now I just have to farm QP (aka play normally) through 100 maps for my hat. My friend already finished elf (all 3 careers for legend) because you can just cheese the maps on shade and HM using stealth so why not.