Packmasters shouldn't be able to instakill

Players should be left hanging instead of instantly dead when a packmaster pulls them off a ledge. No special should be able to instakill a player.

This was a thing in L4D2 and it should be a thig here, especially because is was nearly instant in L4D2 and in a lot of cases only countered by not getting hit in the first place.

Meanwhile here it’s neither instant nor uncounterable.

You’re not even guaranteed to get a hookrat in the right places.

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Complete bull here. I had all the time in the world to react to this, and I did, and I still got killed. Unbelievable that this is a thing.

@BFCInsomnia This game is supposed to take longer than L4D versus to actually kill the heroes. There are no sources of instakills in this game, and the specials that pin the survivors still do less damage than in L4D. It doesn’t belong, and it’s not fun. “Git gud” is not a valid excuse here.

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Those two things are also the main issues with the mode right now.

Yeah it does. :slight_smile:

Like you’d have to be worried about a single other thing as heros in the current itteration of the mode.
Oh and I’m pretty sure it’s tons of fun on the rats side to be able to pull this off.


I’m with @BFCInsomnia on this one.
Doing the grab and dragging someone off are high skill, because the packrat seems to have the fewest survivability.

You are very noisy with every step, you walk slow and you die fast. While the Eshin Assassin is a tiny bit squishier, he is a lot more agile. So that leaves Packmasters as easy cannon fodder.

While i think its fine for the packmasters to drag people down a cliff or whatnot like that, typical skaven suicide tactics, the specific case here does not looks so good. The packmaster kinda looked like he no-clipped down the cliff and grabbed in one sec before going down.

I think packmaster instakill suicidal is just really fun.

I would let it be there.