Packmaster breaking the game with non-reachable area

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I have noticed since a few games that the Packmaster is able to :
- hook from an above plateform or underground zone and drag the player on it, sometimes through textures (like the underground area of the barel challenge).
- drag players into non-human areas.
The first problem is annoying but manageable on it’s own. It’s mostly unfair.
The second problem is game-breaking. The hooked player can’t be rescued and his allies have to let him die.
The two together (catching the player from a non-human zone then hang it) is an very unpleasant, unfair experience and it is ruining the versus game.

Fixing this problem should be a top priority for the next dev phases to come.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):


  • Joining versus.
  • As skaven choose Packmaster.
  • Wait on the side of a non human platform (only reachable by skaven).
  • Hook a human player.
    => Human player is stuck with you. Hang it imediately and his allies can’t save him.

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Often (<75%)

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Additional Note to add here:

  • Packmaster can pull players out-of-bounds so that they die INSTANTLY, with no chance of being revived or saved.
  • Packmaster dies as well, but they just respawn.

Had a game where one player did it twice in the same round, causing the Hero team to just leave the match, thus ruining it for everyone else.