Override for Hero Level Requirements in Custom Game

Did a quick search, didn’t see this mentioned any where… hope this isn’t beating a dead horse.

I’m hoping to see the ability to override hero level requirements in Private Custom Games. Reason being is I often play with friends and some of them don’t have as much time as others to play. We inevitably run into the issue where 3 players are geared sufficiently for the next tier but one person is lagging behind. Right now we just have that person leave the group, start the game on the new difficulty, and wait around for them to join in on us. It’s cumbersome to do, and in doing a private custom game it seems overly restrictive to keep the level requirement enabled.

To be clear, the requirement should absolutely remain for quick play, and you should probably still get a warning that one or more players don’t meet recommended gear levels, but let us play the game yea? Grinding out veteran, or even worse, recruit, to get a friend geared up gets mind-numbingly dull.

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With all the discussion on Quick Play and adding a level requirement I personally have no problem with someone doing a custom game under geared. It’s not like they are going to get higher plvl gear than what they’d get at the lower level.

its a bit of a pain, but if you launch a match, you can have your friend steam join in after even if theyre undergeared

Meanwhile :clock11: you can go legendary with level 1 hero just because you have at least 1 hero with sufficient power level :woman_facepalming:.

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