Overperforming Builds Explained

I’m guessing that must be the case

I’ve seen it said that it increases only damage and cleave, but not stagger power (I think it was @Sleezy I saw post this info). Is that consistent with your experience?


As said above, UC melee power is only cleave/damage.


if there are three primary things to be good at (melee, ranged, tankiness), Zealot is good at all three without having to really build into it while Pyro excels mostly at one thing

that’s how i would justify it

you can build into a melee pyro but you have to deal with the whole dying at 1 hit to everything.

Edit: mainly my opinion, there are people wanting Pyro’s melee crit chance to be nerfed because you don’t have to build for it intensively in order to get 50% possible crit chance. If Pyro had any other character’s arsenal or a talent tree that synergized with crits like WHC, Shade, Huntsman, ect, it would be broken OP without question.


Going to be honest, the WHC thing only really works under ideal conditioners. The average kill count seems to be about 5-8 with the Rapier. Shields can make that less. Team stagger can to. This is strong, but careers like Slayer do that without headshots and have access to great damage reduction options.

If it’s really that much of a problem, just make the ult last for 4 seconds with Fervency or make it remove the stagger effect.

I’d like to add that I’ve seen few WHC get truly effective use out of Fervency in qp.


In my experience, ping has more to do with kill counts then anything else. All the characters are so deadly that all it takes is that 100ms to give credit to one player over another.

I’m also OK with high-skill classes being more powerful then others. There should be a reward for all that effort. As long as they aren’t SO powerful that they trivialize the rest of the team, and as long as it’s not button spamming easy (BW Kaboom spam a couple patches ago, for example) it’s all good.

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swift bow got a massive buff just now

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I don’t see anything in the patch notes? Could you explain?

Well you are going to have to nuke WS:s ammo regeneration from this game to make hagbane spam not viable, otherwise nerfing hagbane into a state where its still good enough and not busted with infinite ammo is really not possible. I personally see neither happening any time soon.

WHC is a odd one because the passive combo’s really well with rapier, i guess it could be changed to be just extra damage whenever you crit based on some fitness modifier etc but personally i don’t see the build to be that problematic to begin with. Easy, sure but not something i have seen as game breaking.

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They’ve done 2 changes in BBB, as far as I’m aware, first they buffed it, and then they nerfed it’s Horde Cleave and some other stuff.

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Well, that explains this oddity. Thanks.

While I have the technical guy on the phone. There are two things I was to lazy to test so far (because it is annoying to test), maybe you know the answer to them:

  • Does Enfeebling Flames trigger with Fire Bombs? I think it does because I remember Lingering Flame doing it.
  • For time-displaced attacks, do I have to burn the enemy while taking damage or while he does the attack to trigger the effect of Enfeebling Flames? Example Bile Troll: The Bile Troll pukes on the floor leaving a puddle of smelly annoyance. Do I have to burn the troll while he pukes or while I wade through the puddle to get the damage reduction effect? Logically, I would say while he pukes but this would mean that if I burn a Blightstormer upon casting the storm would deal less damage the whole time. Or are these attacks not affected at all?
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2 things I haven’t explicitly tested, but I can give you how things generally work in this game.

Fire Bombs - no clue lol.

Enfeebling Flames - generally there is no “snapshotting” in this game. So if you burn a bunch of targets and then drink a strength pot, your DoT effect is increased by the STR pot for the duration then returns to normal at the end of the pot’s duration.

Another thing to look for, SF fire and BT puke may we’ll be considered aoe. Thus, enfeebling may not affect them at all and/or may not effect them once they are on the ground. Something interesting to test though.

Edit: my guess is the latter. Seems akin to running DR vs. skaven and still taking full gas damage.

The unending Hunt, is a much better option in almost every situation. You can already delete almost everything with + 25% crit chance due to his high base crit and fast attack speed weapons, on top off that you grant 25% bonus crit to everyone in your team, and you knockback enemies, This is absolutely huge for team damage, and now you get a 40% CDR on it.

Can we just let the builds like they are and the ppl that think they are “to good” can just use other builds?
Its an coop game and not competitive if u dont like it , dont use it if u think its destroying ure challenge in the game tell ure premades to pls use something else ? Or play with other guys if u play with randoms just deal with it maby ? Or go solo if u think it’s to easy or play moded …

It removes the challenge for others, because it is a coop game we need to work together, not solo.


PvE games need even better balancing.


That’s why I said tell ure m8ts to use something else if u dont like it.
I dont say u need to balance the game for the weakest players but u can not just balance it only for the elite players that do cata 3 twitch deeds and get bored by it cause the shade kills bosses to fast… as long as there are other options to build u could leave those builds alone imo

I dont agree with that at all, even when zealot was basically an unkillable wrecking machine for example it wasn’t super game breaking, most normies still had trouble with FoW for example, and because of disablers solo-ing stuff still required skillful play, even with a brain dead career


I still haven’t even done FoW Cata, because every time people just try to play Shade or BW in my group and ask others to play tanky stuff.

:yawning_face: :sleeping:

That will always happen, unless those are nerfed to the point where they are not viable.

I don’t know if you’ve played any mmo, but there are ALWAYS far mroe dps players than there are tanks.

That will keep happening wether or not they are perfectly balanced, people just tend to play damaging characters more than defensive or supporting ones.

Not to say those careers don’t need to be looked at, just that there being more “dps” than “tanks” isn’t a sign of unbalanced characters.

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