Overall feedback after playing beta


Nerfed so harsh during beta. He was already indirectly nerfed when damage reduction changed.
Cooldown reduction 20% is a bit underwheming regarding that WS has this on 25lv row.
Need some buff on 30lv row. Like DR 35% and CDR 30%.


Great change overall. But one thing, You are forced to use conservative shooter or scrounger.
If you use hunter trait but don’t use Makin’ It Look Easy, what’s the point of using hunter?
Hunter can make you one shot cataclysm CW with crit without ult or with ult without crit, so current talent could be better for balance sake though.
Adding ammo regeneration on ult talent would be good. After nerf, reset could be a bit underwhelming.
How about adding cooldown reduction 20% on reset and ammo regeneration 20% on head down and hiddden but 8s duration?


Feels like real Footknight but a bit simillar to HM with shield. For me, HM worked way better.
You can CC patrol. You can even cancel CW overhead with tag team but can’t kill. HM could just wait for team to die and use stealth and save team.
This is just matter of game mechanism though. For staggering wise, FK is working really good.

The problem is that spamming charge attack is so boring and brainless.
I think there should be reward for skilled play.


Actually not that much changed. Only portion of unused talents have been modified.
Ale talent has a lot of problem. Delete drinking motion and share duration as party. Or drinking ale spread buff nearby.
Drinking is the risk as it is now. I would rather not take that buff. Decreasing ammo regeneration also can be risk. Ale should regenerate ammo as well.

Anyway overall change is not that good.
More talent should be addressed.

Compare huntsman’s longshanks and RV’s no dawdling.
Last resort is also pointless unless you use trowing axes. However, when i saw RV using trowing axes, I knew that this talent is just a troll. He just can’t kill special.
Why don’t you play GK or Slayer?

Foe-Feller attack speed 5% is also not that appealing.


IB was my 2nd favorite career. But i don’t play anymore on beta.

Drake fire damage talent is so bad . Drakki wrath was just good talent. I don’t know why this should change.
I could kill hordes, assassins, hookrats with drakki wrath.
But this new talent make me weaker than nothing.
On low overheat, your dmg out is half. You can’t kill anything.
It needs pre-heating but to kill special, do you really prepare this and kill? It just come suddenly. That’s why make special as special.
And decreasing attack speed… this is insane. You can’t change weapon 2s after firing left which is automatically fired when you get hit by?
This is just death sentence.

Roll back drakki wrath and change blood of grimnir to new talent if you want.

+Deleting stagger on headshot and crit was bad idea. You could stagger hookrat with drakegun stream. But they now walk through and grab you.
Drakegun has -15% dodge bonus and 1 dodge count. You are not supposed to dodge that.
Drakegun and staves need more dodge count…
Head/crit stagger is needed which you added before.


Good career now. Especially revive passive is so much fun.
I don’t know who would choose another talent over stealth on ult because HM is focused on survivability.

It feels a bit weak on cata+ difficulty though, a bit overwhelming on normal cata pub.
I think HM is just good as it is now.


ammo regeneration was only reason to play shade for me… I don’t know shade was OP. Not excels on monster damage, neither special nor elites.
There are specialist who are good at one thing like huntsman, GK, BH. Shade was all rounder.
Innate cooldown of bloodfletcher should be alleviated to 0.5~1s.
Dual wield weapon should regenerate 2 bolt or arrow when you land heavy attack.

In real game, landing back attack during horde is meaningless. You could die alone.
Most of people use ammo regeneraton on monster or CW. Unless you meet these, you ammo was not that sufficient.

Then how about this? If you kill with back stab, ammo regenerates like melee kill thp talent.
Number of regened bolt or arrow varies by enemy’s hp up to 5.


Don’t know why this career is balancing target though, good career on beta as well as live.

Weapon swap buff has bug. Being applied twice.
Increasing count up to 10 and fixing bug would work.

Movement speed talent got nerfed IMO. I use this talent on live server.
It grants you great kite ability. Especially good on patrol.
I know not that much player used this, but this was good as it was before.


Need buff.
Don’t understand why this career has not been addressed.
I think pyro is the least picked career.

Underwhelming DR talent. Lack of passive. Meaningless crit.
Pyro doesn’t get impressive profit from crit unlikely huntsman or BH. Crit modifier is too low.

Ult is a trash. Doesn’t work at all.

Concept is also ambiguous. What is pyro? Idk
Pyro should be new career. Abandon crit things and change everything.


Stagger ult can’t stagger CW overhead. Is this intended or bugged?

Good change but more thing should come.

Her signature weapon is fire sword but passive doesn’t increase DOT?
Passive should increase DOT to make her use fire sword and igniting talents.

Need more overheat gauge as passive or talent. Still gauge fills up so quickly.

Sorry for long text. Thanks

How about this: remove bloodfletcher delay, but make it not work inside invis or bosses. That way you could still get multiple ammo back from a horde, as i see many players say they are putting in a risk of going behind but can only get 1 ammo back. So this would fix that.

Wouldn’t fix anything, you are not realistically getting more than 1 anyway if you can’t invis, as everything will turn on you instantly.

Good now how? is basically the same thing it was unless your team is constantly dying, the change is ok, but didn’t do anything for the career really.

I assume you wrote this before the last patch, huntsman feels terrible now and I’d rather play the pre beta huntsman.

You would be able to get alot more ammo quicker, if you can cleave multiple backstabs or get alot in quick succession. I’ve read some critisisms of the delay and one of them was that you couldnt’ get multiple ammo back when taking a risk of going behind. I wouldn’t really mind if they added that back, as the issue was mostly cheesing it by using invis or using it on bosses.

I don’t ask for any buff to bloodfletcher anyway, I’d rather get it removed and see shade being focused as a rogue/assassin, in that regard I liked how they nerfed bloodfletcher at the same time they changed cloak of mist into a crit talent, I think it fits the character way better regardless of the tweaking it needed/may need.

Well yes, i agree, i’d rather see bloodfletcher removed and replaced. But looking at how the community reacted to the delay on bloodfletcher i don’t think that’s a good idea.

Because they half assed it, imo.

They just slapped a big ass nerf on it and that was it, so the community reacted poorly to a nerf on one of the most used talents for hagbane spam, communities always react poorly to this kind of nerf, it was expected I think.

But, what if they would have outright removed it, changed it for a more rogue focused talent that was also usefull and explained on the dev note taht they wanted to focus shade on being a rogue melee only, with ranged as a backup, like many other careers. I don’t think people would have reacted that bad to that, as opossed to just a nerf that leaves people using that build feeling like they are just using a worse version of it.

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Removing bloodfletcher seems good though, other choices are too bad right now. Vanish feels so inconsistent and 75% backattack is so weak. It isn’t actually 75% if you land crit. Your flat dmg 100, back attack 150. But if crit, assume that 300 dmg. Then back attack? dmg would be 350. Back attack bonus doesn’t crit.

Then bloodfletcher should be changed to really good talent.

Add for feedback, RV should get 15% ranged dmg as 25lv talent for breakpoints.
RV is bit weak as ranged dps.
He’s ult is much weaker than huntsman’s.

For pyromancer, you can give unchained’s conduit talent.
Pyro should use vent a lot but venting dmg is 3~4.
Killing one monster make you almost die by venting dmg.
The idea that pyro being venting specialist seems not bad.
Her ult… I would delete homing of burning head. Burning head fly forward and explode when it hits something, dealing massive AOE dmg.

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