Outcast Engineer - QOL Gamepad Input Suggestion


Change the input for Outcast Engineer’s career skill charge from the reload button to the career skill activation button. This will facilitate better movement while charging Bardin’s career skill for gamepad users.


I would like to start off by saying that I’m loving the new career for Bardin. However, as someone who needs to use a gamepad, I have one major complaint with the Outcast Engineer – the button you use to charge his career skill.

It has been my experience that moving while charging his career skill is necessary to the class’s longevity. Using the reload button for gamepads (X on Xbox and Square on PS4) inhibits your ability to aim while charging. Can you contort your hand to work around this with a gamepad? Yes, you can. However, for someone like myself it’s extremely impractical – I have issues with pain and stiffness in my hands which is why I use game pad.

A QOL solution for this minor issue is simple; change the career skill charge button for Outcast Engineer to the career skill activation button for gamepads (Left Bumper for Xbox and L1 for PS4). Doing this will allow gamepad users (and eventually console players) to charge his career skill and maintain a full range of movement. This is something I hope you’ll consider. Not just for those of us who use gamepad but for console players before they receive Outcast Engineer as well.