Outcast Engineer Challenge

Challenge “Bombardment” does not count. And the description is too vague: “Using a bomb , kill a distant Rattling Gunner as Outcast Engineer”. What a distant? I tried different distances , but challenge does not count.

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Hi @Test5251432,

I’ll query the challenge criteria and get back to you on this. It may not be immediate, given that it’s the weekend. I’ll update you here when I can though!


Hello I also had this and I didn’t get this challenge. But when I killed this Rattling Gunner with bomb on Outcast Engineer my friend who was host of the game get this challegne (He also bought Outcast Engineer). We played quick game. He was Kerillian - Waystalker, in play was one bot - Kruber - Grail Knight and another player Sienna - Unchained. We were doing this on Garden of Morr.

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Just to update here, there’s a known bug with this challenge being awarded incorrectly. It’s in our database and we’re investigating!

As to the question of how distant is distant? Really, I can only advise that it is quite far.

has this fixed? i tried to kill one so freakign far away and still not get the challenge
why has to be SO HARD seriously -*-

@Esteyma We’re still working on it. Apologies for the inconvenience for now!

any updates? :slight_smile:

@Mephaisto Not just yet unfortunately - it’s with our development team and still being worked on.

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