Out of bounds in river after hooking player

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hero out of bounds after hook rat throws itself off a cliff with a hooked player.

Couldn’t reproduce it more than once as it takes more coordination with enemy team than expected. There is an invisible wall making it impossible with certain rats to take the out of bounds hero down (an assassin rat in our team was able to do it after a bit - Don’t know if this entails any game-breaking problems or if the hero is unable to exploit anything from this out of bounds as they were killed before they could do anything)

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Hook Hero and throw yourself down to the river in the against the grain map as shown (round 2 in cliff before drop)
  2. the heroes use some type of ult or utility such as a bomb to kill the hook rat
  3. the hero bypassed the falling the ledge condition and is now out of bounds

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Rare (<10%)

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