Option to Turn Off Chainaxe Screen Jerking

When the chainaxe hits an enemy and does it’s rip effect, and only when it does the rip effect, it will jerk the screen to face what you hit.

If the axe hits someone at the edge of its swing you will suddenly be facing an entirely different direction. Naturally, this is extremely disorienting. Even when just hitting a group of enemies in front of you, the slight screen movements for each enemy is jarring and makes it more difficult to focus on the group.

I would like an option to turn this off. Thank you


Either let us turn this off or cap the rotation speed and the angle at which the chain weapon can pull the camera. I once got whiplash using my chainaxe on leaping dog because of this.

People should probably be allowed to turn this off. I’m not sure exactly how easy that’s going to be to implement.

But I’m just chiming in here to say I love this effect so much. It gives the chain weapons so much character.