Optimization. NPC - processor

The game has terrible optimization. Even settings - scattering density. Does not help !!!.

i5 11400F
16gb ram x2 3600ghz
RTX 3070.

Video card underload 60-70%. Processor 50%. When there is a horde of 60-80 fps, why is it so bad?. When there is no horde 120+ fps. On some maps, fps drops to 50. And nothing can be done about it, my computer is resting, the game does not use the full computer. Optimization is worse than Vermintide 2. The only thing that will add fps is performance per thread. That is, you need a processor with a powerful core for this game, stable 100 fps. Need 12-13 generation Intel or RYzen 7000, 5000(X3D)