Only being able to reroll ONE perk on an item is asinine. You need to change this NOW

Right on.

I mean, we do not have the full/ a working system yet, true, but it is insane to call this system “it’s fine”. We get almost no meaningful loot in HOURS playtime (because shop RNG and/or Hadron RNG (while Hadron is only possible after a good “shop-roll” mind you!)).
Of course I play the game for the game, but I still want to improve myself, get stuff, work on the equipment, but it is just not possible right now and FS is trying hard to make it tedious and energy-sapping at best.

And all this is just playing the current main operative. Equipping two or -Omnissiah beware- all four archetypes is near impossible.
Like it is easier to be hit by lightning than to win the lottery, I claim that it is more likely to die by a nuclear blast than to get a high-end near perfect equipment set (3 Curios and 2 weapons).
(Spoiler it was not in VT2 - also it was fun to do!)

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Benny89 Wrote: “There is a difference between REASONABLE hunt and IMPOSSIBLE hunt. You seem to totally not comprehend the level of RNG in this game. There is no hunt. You can’t even HUNT for stuff you want as you have no influence on that. That’s not hunt as much as playing lottery is not a hunt.”

It’s only an impossible hunt because that’s the perspective you’ve taken. You’re suggesting that there isn’t a hunt, or that it’s “impossible” because unless you get the best mathematical item it’s worthless to you. That’s not how these games work. Heck, it’s not how any game works.

You get a piece of gear, you use it, you get a better piece of gear, you’re like “yeah!” and equip it, then you get a better piece, etc. You’re supposed to have fun with the game, not be disappointed that you got a top 5% weapon that you like because it wasn’t in the top 1%.

Besides, high end game play is more about your skill then the gear you’re wearing. Look at J_Sat for example if you haven’t heard about him.


WSkD Wrote: “I mean, we do not have the full/ a working system yet, true, but it is insane to call this system “it’s fine”. We get almost no meaningful loot in HOURS playtime (because shop RNG and/or Hadron RNG (while Hadron is only possible after a good “shop-roll” mind you!)).”

I’ll agree that more crafting options will help, but keep in mind that the OP was talking about not being able to re-roll both perks. That’s a little excessive IMO.

I think the majority of people don’t realize what a fully customizable gearset means. It’s basically “I wanna get bored with this game in less time!” It’s essentially what cheat codes to for a game, it kills the drive to play.

Thank you thank you thank you. You’re the only other person I’ve seen besides myself mention the (seemingly invisible) elephant in the room.

Fatshark was acquired by one of the largest and most predatory electronic entertainment conglomerates in the world. No one ever criticized DICE without ALSO criticizing EA.

The word Tencent needs to be thrown around here way more. FATSHARK SOLD OUT.

Isnt the theoretical cap 400?

To the contrary, that’s exactly how Tide games worked and should work. As the game is about the gameplay, there should be a reasonable time framed acquisition of endgame gear that the player wishes for so lack of stats doesn’t interfere with the actual fun combat or devalues the players skill, as you need the highest quality tools to strive for thr highest quality work.

There should never be a situation for an endgame player where you are frustrated because RNG gave you a 99% weapon and you failed at high level content while a 100% weapon would have allowed for success and everything that kept you from succeding was arbitrary game design. Period.

EDIT: Stop with the misinformation about reasonably quick and rng-less gear acquisition leading to player loss, people played endgame HARD in VT2 after gearing to the max. Your strawman is weakly disguised…


“Stop with the misinformation about reasonably quick and rng-less gear acquisition leading to player loss, people played endgame HARD in VT2 after gearing to the max. Your strawman is weakly disguised…”

Firstly, it does lead to loss. Maybe not the hardcore players, but the general base. That happens and then the game has less funding and thus, less development. You should care about that.

Secondly, how am I making a strawman when it’s my own point. LOLZ.

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Ok, I want Eviscerator with just Momentum as Blessing + Savage Sweep becasue I want to try Cleave build. Tell me how do I do that?

What goals I have to do? What missions to make? What ACTIVITIES in game I have to engage with to get it? What challenges to overcome?

Hm? Oh wait. None. It’s just RNG store.

Sure. I want to get that from PLAYING the game. Like in Diablo I kill enemies and bosses and I get loot from them. In Vermintide 2 I finish mission and get loot from that. I don’t sit in those games next to some store in hope of loot. I got and play the game and GAMEPLAY rewards me with loot.

Where is that here, tell me please.

That’s obviously pure lie, not worth to elaborate.

Please :smiley: . So becasue I can solo Cata with white weapons, I do not deserve as player to have a reasonable way to obtain end-game best weapons becasue obviously if I don’t need it, there is not need for me to have them. Logic.

Funny how in Dark Souls/Elden ring games people are able to beat game with bare fists but game has no RNG loot when it comes to aquiring it. You get it from PLAYING THE FREAKING GAME and beating the challenges/bosses inside game and getting guarantee reward for your EFFORT. Do you need them to beat game? No. But does that mean it should be impossible for you to obtain strongest items by engaging in GAMEPLAY (not RNG store camp) and feel rewarded for your efforts and getting better. Yet players soak hundreds of hours in those games, becasue the loop is great, it’s challenging but also they are rewarded for their time.

You are missing the point of games with loot. Gameplay is a challenge. Once overcome you get reward.

Here you get poop.


Exactly. I have 1000 hours in VT2. I had every red I could want probably by 300 hours in?

The point of having perfect weapons is knowing that when playing the game at its most difficult, then it’s not your gear holding you back, it’s your skill. This is a first person action game, not a ARPG like Diablo or a MMO like World of Warcraft. We play games like Vermintide 2 and Darktide in order to watch our mechanical skill improve, leading to us beating the odds in increasingly insane and badass moments.

It should be easier to get perfect weapons, and there should be a difficulty harder than damnation. I’m not saying 15% or anything. I’m saying it should be like a 0.05% chance to get perfect stats (roughly the same as a Red drop rate in VT2). You should be able to reroll both perks as much as you want.

But like that other guy calculated, the current chance to get your personal perfect weapon is less than 0.0003%


“Ok, I want Eviscerator with just Momentum as Blessing + Savage Sweep becasue I want to try Cleave build. Tell me how do I do that?”

I’m specifically addressing your agreement with the perks issue that OP had, unless that’s not your point and I misread. Because right now, you can’t. Down the road, you can.

But the point wasn’t that “crafting is incomplete”, it was “i can’t reroll both perks, rage!”

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How many hours played do you have? I’m at around 170 and have a different perspective then you. I do 4’s with a group and I’m enjoying the ride. I actually find leveling way worse then gearing.

But that’s what I mean, perspectives matter.

Of course, I don’ want to camp RNG store. What person with brain would think that’s good gameplay loop to rely on RNG store to get rolls with perks I need so I can reroll second one.

Why I can’t aquire items I want from playing the game? You know like from doing Damnation runs? From doing secondary objectives? Hm?

You really think RNG store is the good way? Becasue that’s like saying eating what fells from dinner table on floor is good way of aquiring food.


1,6k hours in Vermintide 2 on main account. 350h on second account. 270h in Darktide. 800h in Vermintide.


BS, mate. As long as you can’t freely and limitless reroll or adjust perks, yes, crafting is incomplete, simple as that. RNG has no place in games like this, and arbitrary restrictions to gate players are even less acceptable.


What gameplay loop? At some point if you’re not actually craving for some action the only reason for You to log in is checking the RNG Shop.

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They want to preserve a grind loop that keeps people engaged in minmaxing for a while, and i personally like that, grinding can be fun

And i do understand the idea of not just letting everyone get their BiS with just wikipedia and a couple mouse clicks, they want you to feel special with your 500+ perfect roll weapon you know not everyone has

But this is not how they should do it, what with time gates and generally poor class designs that do not encourage gear variety in the slightest

The intention is not necessarily malicious, although i do suspect some genius cranked the levers up to maximize player traffic, but specifically the resulting designs aren’t up to the idea

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How in the Emperor’s name is rerolling both perks “cheat codes”? Did you ever play older games with actual “cheat codes” built into the game? They made you invisible, invincible, kill everything in one hit, made explosions come out of your pisser. This is possibly one of the most ridiculous perspectives I have seen on the crafting system.

You are paying increasing costs of limited crafting mats to get a random chance to get the perk you want out of a limited pool of perks with a set lower and upper boundary. Is this the sad excuse for a “cheat code” you’ve been playing with until now?


Wait, re-rolling both perks is a cheat-code? You mean cheat as in “unlimited power”, “invulnerability”, “unlimited ammo”, “all weapons unlocked”, …?
A cheat code would be: bewareoblivionisathand

This code unlocks all cheats in Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (at least on N64), so if I can re-roll both perks it is also a cheat-code?

I get a call, wait a min.
“Mh… yeah… yes… I told him… What?.. Ok… yeah, yeah… Take care, bye.”
It was Vermintide 2, it said even while one could re-roll both perks it was no cheat-code, cheating or creating a portal through the warp so one gets the same powers as the Emperor at his zenith.

Sorry, I got carried away.
So far as the crafting is incomplete, I hold back with any further ado, but going BACK while coming FROM Vermintide 2 seems like not the best approach for Darktide.

Especially, as some have pointed out, if it increases the grind AND RNG.
Plus, we just want what they promised some time ago: Player agency. The ability to craft as we see fit.

Locking 50% of the weapon (or 66% regarding curios) is no player agency.


I want to see all those who think rerolling both perks or traits are “cheats” in V2 play Catacylsm. Hell, my invitation stays to them: we go to V2, you take your min-maxed character and we will see how good you are. If it’s cheat codes they should breeze through it without any issue at all just one-shotting everything. Jawning on their way.

I am open to see that in V2. It’s still installed on my disc :slight_smile: I want to see those cheats that makes game no longer challenging


I love this motte and bailey argumentation going on.

Wanting to have the desired blessing that enables a build? Sure there should be some way to get the wanted weapon/blessing, thankfully we will have a way to extract blessings and bless our gear (that should have been in at launch btw).

Current shop implementation with the hourly reset is total BS? Of course, it is! Scrap it, redesign it whatever.

How the f are we suddenly jumping into the “I must have the best weapon in-game otherwise game is bad” argument? Can’t you just be fine with a good weapon? +4% crit instead of 5%, 60% mobility instead of 80 in all primary stats? Heck, there might even be a tradeoff. Should I choose the gun with a lower ammo count or the one with lower mobility?

You will be fine. The game will be fine if your weapon isn’t perfect. You don’t have to have the best possible thing that clearly seems to be unobtainium by design.

I can understand the frustration of the unlucky who can’t for the life of it drop a proper shotgun or something and blame the horrible rng in the game, but that’s quite different from throwing a tantrum over not being able to get the theoretical best weapon.

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