Ongoing: My issues tracker / wishes for design

I’ll track some things I stumble over in the game here and offer some recommendations if I see room for improvements.
Generally let me also say that I greatly enjoy the game already, the design and Warhammer flavor are strong with this one and the action is bang on. Feels great to live that Ogryn life.

This Grimoire/Scripture spot cannot be reached, there is no E - Pickup prompt.

Weapon stats - as noted by others, they really do not communicate anything that reflects how the weapon works or why one might be better than another. I’m just picking by bigger number and personal feel of the handling patterns in game.

Trappers are the only special that really bother me right now, I feel they could need a larger charge up time of earlier sound queue. Several times they dropped from aboe for an instant net or when hidden in a horde or impossibly shoot through corners.


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Tried scaling the Subtitles and UI down to 80% at 1440p, what first looks good, as intended, turns after health bar updates into a mess:

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The Matrix is still bugged, you can run to the exit without doing one of the essential objectives.

Significant visual glitches with FidelityFX (Quality) on the desert map. I guess this one needs more training.

Good thing though: Ambient Occlusion is no longer a performance issue and works at high setting.

Some questions and suggestions regarding cross-classes play:
I see currency and Curio progression to be shareable with all classes essential for motivation to multi-class. Having the second and third and further starts boosted by previous gear is fun, takes out huge portion of grind.

Do you intend to offer any cross-class play boost? (I you really don’t want gear to transfer, at least give us +10% XP per lvl 30 class one has.)

Weeklys per class means I will only ever play three classes at most. I cannot fit 4 weeks into each week and even if I do my weeklys in two days, I am already annoyed that the shop refreshes more often and Items in it cost more, than I can gather in those. Nothing about that is rewarding, it is already random fomo duty.

Would you please change the weeklies list to be longer, deals stay for the week and can be done with any charakter?

Tying the shops to levels and story progression now is also only engaging for the first playthrough, with subsequent classes I wonder why I’m loosing features to put it bluntly. Having them just open would be also an acceptable multi-classing bonus, the cutscenes are already somewhat disconnected so show them just for getting the level.

Please think about whether or not we should be motivated to multi-class.

There are some issues still to log after release:

  • beta Helmet on Ogryn has voice changer, despite being open
  • Fidelity Fx issues persist

Improvents though:

  • Performance
  • Map variety is fine now, just a bit more control would be fun, give me 5 in my chosen range rather than 4 too easy ones


  • Will cosmetic shop items be available only during deals or later on (if more expensive)?
  • Could we at least get a preview of the next sets? I don’t feel like buying if it’s entirely random