One last Jig

For the love of Sigmar, fix the bloody one last jig challenge.

It is impossible to do even with the help of the videos and I play this Sigmar forsaken game since the first Vermintide alpha wave.

Use a stop watch. Jump every 2 seconds. That’s the pace of the beat. Gotta go about 60 seconds once you start doing it right. That’s how I did it and it’s honestly the easiest way.

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How to git gud;
4/4 time signature, 60 beats per minute
Jump on the 1st and 3rd beat. Rinse and repeat.

I tried it again this week, while explaining someone how it should work. I could not get it to work again, failed shortly after the drums started. May be the case you really should do it alone, but he tried it way more often then once. I will try once again and come back to give my report.

Yup, was just a concentration thing, could do it first try. Just adjust to the creaking, and count ‘1,2’ for a time, the ‘1’ directly with the start of the creak. Do that for a couple of seconds until you feel you have the rhyme, then continue and jump everytime with the ‘1’, until you are done.

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