On-Topic Wednesdays: Stuff you wish you'd have learned sooner

Okay, first off, sorry for the long pause, i had a lot of stuff going on in the last month and only now it has kinda ebbed down a bit. Holiday spirit, yay …!

Back to the topic: This is aimed to be a bit of a learning thing for all of us, maybe more so for the newer members.

You may all know that feeling: you are swashbuckling away in the game, got some hours under the hood, maybe just jumped one difficulty higher and feeling pretty good already, and then you see someone doing something you have never seen before. You look it up and realize: ‘Man, i wish i’d known that sooner…!’
Another situation: You are on some forum, maybe the subreddit, or talking on discord and you see or here something you just didn’t know, which improves your experience of Vermintide and after some time has become common knowledge for you.

Well, now it’s time to share, for the greater good.
This will be less restrictive than the last one, you may pick one you wish you’d have learned sooner and one you really want to share, but maybe found out pretty quick.

I’ll start it off with having the control over yourself to just retreat, reposition yourself (better, hopefully) and find a new angle to attack.
This might be a bit influenced by experience, but it is more of a mindset as i saw many players with those fancy portrait frames doing really stupid things. I know, pushing or even pushing hard sometimes is really important. But not if you know you’ll trigger a lot of ambience or that the horde will do it for you. Or if not jumping down a ledge or maybe even do it for the extra space ahead (in that sense retreating forward) will give you the upper hand. Also fighting a boss in a narrow hallway, pls stop that, look for a better place to fight, always.
A major part in this is map knowledge too (boss spawn points, events, etc.), but thinking tactically instead of hot headed is the first and foremost thing.

Second part: Mods. Just use 'em from hour 1 (don’t forget dependancy mods Vermintide Mod Framework, Penlight Lua Libraries and Simple UI).

And those are all mods that are sanctioned, which means they are allowed to use on the official realm, strictly no cheat mods.

But for some the true fun begins on the modded realm, with Onslaught or higher difficulty settings, the ability to spawn units freely and test different scenarios, maybe just up their boss dodge game, or simply explore the maps without enemies.
A lot if possibilities there.

That’s it for now, show me what you got!


I wish I had learned how to effectively dodge sooner.

For a long time, I relied almost solely on blocking and pushing to defend myself.

Once I learned how to dodge in-between (and also during) attacks, it became way easier to kite hordes and clear them out while taking minimal damage.

Granted, this is pre-WoM so I don’t know if this is still relevant with the dodge changes and all.

Also, it’s Tuesday you goon. How you gon have On-Topic Wednesdays when it ain’t even Wednesday?

I can’t even make the meme because Tuesday is such a boring friccin day with nothing interesting about it.

Which sucks because Tyr actually seemed like a pretty cool guy, compared to Odin who’s just a big show-off.

Sure, he’s the king of the gods or something and he’s big and powerful and only has one eye and two raven pets but come on man. Tyr got his hand bit off by a giant wolf and he’s all about LAW and JUSTICE but do people care?

Of course they don’t because they probably barely even know he exists because the only ones you actually hear about is the aforementioned Odin and maybe Thor and Loki here and there.

Nobody gives a fricc about the rest because why should they when you can just only focus your interest on like 2 or 3 because they are the most popular.

Yes, I have a lot of pent up internal frustration about the deappreciation of Norse mythology and I suddenly felt the need to vent it out.

Which is ironic considering today is all about the celebration of Christ, which is an entirely different religion.

And don’t even get me started on how bastardized and perverted today has become compared to how it was originally.


And absolutely no one cares.

Now this is something I truly wished I had learned sooner. That people don’t even care about where things come from.


And since it isn’t Wednesday today anyway, I’m officially declaring today On-Topic For The First Half, Off-Topic For The Second Half Tuesday.


I wish I had learned that when SV are doing overheads, or monks doing their combos, you can ULT with the HM or Shade and they will 180 snap to a team mate and kill them instead. ~just elf things~

Disclaimer: not sure if this still works with the changes to zerkers targeting.

I really wish I had played with other classes sooner. I had hundreds of hours on the elf before I started really playing other classes. This helped me understand the limitations of the mayflies and how exactly they were going to weigh me down during runs. Which I could then compensate for and help them out when I play on the elf god. It’s not their fault. Really opened my eyes.


This may come as a surprise, but did you know that you can use both minor and major aspects of Aethyr in order to strengthen the weave during a cast? Sadly, it took me a few of my early years at Hoeth to figure this out. As Bel-Korhadris states in The Stability of Predictables (vol. XVI), if used correctly, manipulating said aspects during the initial weave of a spell, even though it may prolong the cast to some degree, will result in overall greater stability of your spell. This of course ties directly to the spell’s efficiency, decreasing the amount of energy drain from the caster, allowing him or her to perform higher number of spell casts over a longer period of time.
Be weary though, for if this technique is used by an unexperienced caster, it may prove difficult to control and the inevitable miscast will result in the spell’s instability - creating a greater energy drain than usual.


It took me ages to figure out how to time my dodges against packmasters, something about the animation makes me want to dodge too soon or too late a lot.

Similarly so to some charging attacks.

Maybe i should just call it the art of dodging all manners of things properly? I wish i´d learned it sooner given how prone i´ve always been to find myself meeting packmasters when rounding corners or dashing ._.


Hmm let’s see. I had 400 hours when I realized I could use the pistol that comes with the rapier.
150 hours during the end event of Athel Yenlui that you actually have to do something. My other teammates always did it and I didnt realize that.
It took me 5 minutes to realize Kerillian is annoying and Bardin has superior grace in his movements.


xD I hope u noticed the special attack of the bill hook but I got a friend that took even longer to check out the pistol :wink:


Didn’t care enough to unlock the Billhook yet. But now I know the few weapons, which can use the “Weapon Special” Key.

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Try it; Billhook is stupid fun.

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Timezones, man. They are confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:
Although, to be fair, it was tuesday night, still technically the 24th in germany.

I have the feeling something is spilling over from friendly chat…

Yes, yes, you elves and your superior Qhaysh, be proud of it.
As long as you can.
Not long and N’kari will come back to finish what he started.
You know she will come back.
It always does.
He will not stop to hunt you.
She already haunts your dreams, doesn’t she?
And when you stand before it, you know the doom of the Asur is nigh.
Tremble, asinine mortal.
The despoiler will get your souls in the end, and a fine feast it will be.


Tried it today. It’s just stupid. I can stun lock even Chaos Warriors and Beserkers with the pull.
Just pull-Heavy-Pull-Heavy. God damn that is overpowered. Well at least the Cleave in waves is not that optimal. So there is a downside.

I will say one thing

Rebind jump and dodge to 2 different binds.
Jumping in horde instead of dodging is often just asking for death


OH THIS THIS. Maybe 50 hours of gameplay?

I was so god damn scared of changing that, because of the time that could take me adjust, but it wasnt that bad at all.
I have it on Shift now and it works like charm.

Also increasing FoV is the same. But it really gives you troubles with the feeling of distance you have to your enemies for a couple of games.

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How dare you… Do you think us scared of your daemonic master? We beat that thing three times and we shall do it again for that is the will of Asuryan!
Your foul threats are empty, as are the promises of your masters, for as long as there is at least one of the Asur walking upon this world, you will never conquer it!

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I agree it’s OP vs Chaos Warriors, but I think it’s fine if it can stagger berserkers. But mostly, it’s insanely fun to be able to hook hookrats and pluck leaping assassins out of mid air. XD TURN THE TABLES ON THEM!


It took me much longer than it should have to figure out that telling my wife to Chill out had absolutely the opposite effect.

Wine. Wine is the answer.


In a nutshell, how to dodge effectively and tactically. The difference between standing and running attacks and how to counter each, and how to use my own movement to cause enemies to do standing attacks and make dodging easy. A fun mode for practicing this is to play in mod realm using the Double Up mod (lets you equip any weapon in any slot) and take two ranged weapons (no melee) and see how far you can make it through the level. Definitely leads to improvement in dodge skills!

Another thing I wish I learned earlier is not to try attacking an enemy right when they’re winding up a standing attack, because often they step or lean back out of range leading to a miss and then getting bopped in the face.


This is so important I almost think it should just be default.

More recently it took me too long to realize that the Minotaur does his quick switch and hit after his triple attack on the main target. He used to round about and smash me into the ground but once I realized that one attack pattern was always the precursor they weren’t the complete disaster they used to be.

This… my wife doesn’t like to drink. Which is really a shame because she’s actually fun to be around after a few glasses of wine.

As others said before, rebind your keys. It will help so much when you get use to it. Jump and dodge on their own keys. But the reload on your mouse thumb so you can vent and move properly with Sienna. Increase FOV to at least 90.

Yikes, another topic that’ll take ages to answer. I’ll do it anyway.

Part of the reason why it feels so difficult to answer this is because a lot of my skill stem from VT1. There are a couple of things I had to relearn, but a lot of the the skills were directly transferred. And even on VT2 alone, it’s been a year and a half of playing, so I really don’t know or remember when I really learned some things - and there most likely are a lot of things I don’t even realise I know, that certainly aren’t obvious to new players. And there really are so many things to consider I’m bound to forget some of them.

But to business. First there are a couple of keybinds and other Options to consider: Separating Jump and Dodge has already been mentioned a couple of times, Tagging really should be somewhere closer to hand, and the Chat wheel’s initial settings need adjusting (I decided to separate it completely, but just adjusting the timing might work too). It’s much easier to track everyone if Player Outlines are Always On.

Each and every weapon has a bunch of small tricks that make them a lot more effective - not just techniques like QQ cancel, but much smaller (and more obvious though still easy to miss) stuff too - what strikes to use when, hidden strikes (including Weapon Special), pattern flows… I really can’t go into detail as it’d take the rest of the evening.

Actual mechanics of dodging and blocking. Dodge distance and effective dodge count, both varying by weapon is not an immediately obvious mechanic, particularly if you happen to start on a weapon with a good dodge. Same with Block/Push arc - it’s been a surprise to many that you can actually block hits outside it, it just costs more stamina. Besides, it also varies by weapon, so it gets obscured more. And apparently, all weapons have a similar initial push arc, and while the relevant Properties do affect that, the weapon’s normal stats don’t (though don’t quote me on that, I’m not completely sure about it).

Of course, there are also a ton of timings, tactics against specific enemies or enemy types and such, but those really are a matter of experience and experimenting - while someone can coach you somewhat on them, you really have to practice and find the real practical side yourself with time.

And I think there is still a big bunch of stuff that I just don’t remember right now. This game has a huge amount of stuff that isn’t explained anywhere in game, and you have to either learn it all by playing and experimenting or look to outside sources - a moderate-sized fault in the game, if you ask me (though not unique to this game, by any means).