Ogryns should not be affect by dogs and muties

It make no sense ! I want, as a 2 tons big man, to have a way to deal more easyli than other class with dogs and muties…
Maybe the abilitie to use the “ultra” to instant deliver from dogs or muties, braeking their neck and killing dem…
Why mighty ogryns feel like weak normal humain ? Why he cant oneshot weakest poxwalker in melee ? Plz FS, make Ogryns great again !


Funnily enough that was demanded throughout several threads allready …
And soon ppl will tell you that Ogryn is great how he is and he is not supposed to deal damage and all that stuff …
Can understand that somehow …

But I agree, Ogryn does not feel like Ogryns are described in the lore… ripping chaos space marines to peaces bare handed … 3m tall up to a metric ton with muscles used to high grav worlds…
Why add an Ogryn if you just want to have a stronger baseline human bully damagewise … currently a Catachan (nicknamed baby-ogryns for a reason) would be more suiting to the role the Ogryn should fulfill in ppl’s opinions


ogryn is great as is and is not supposed to deal damage and all that stuff…

Jk; I like the idea of more class variety, and something in this direction would absolutely make ogryn feel more different from the other classes. :slight_smile:

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I understand the balancing arguments but it looks really silly, when this huge beast of abhuman helplessly has to except smaller poxhounds and muties eating their faces.

And when the mutie throws you into an abyss it’s almost comical…

The idea with the ultimate also sounds like a good way solve the issue without breaking the balance completely.

And I think a general raise in melee damage could also be balanced by something like removing the crosshairs for all ranged options for the Ogryn. Hitting large or area target from close to mid range would still be possible but precise long range combat or sniping weakspots shouldn’t be the Ogryns job.

But for me personally lore induced immersion is more important then balancing :slight_smile: I would also be happy if brainburst killed crushers in one strike as - well brain burst pretty much means instakill for anything relying on basic brain functions to move the body. Monstrosities are different as they have demonic traits and are flooded by the warp so that a psyker could be expected to have trouble dealing with them.


Agreed they should be strong pox walker taking a hit on the head from an ogryn has always looked funny to me. Pox walker would get destroyed in one hit with no weapon even imo.

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Not going to happen.

A way to balance this would be to have charge time differ depending on the type of mob you tried to pop.

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On a power fantasy level I like the idea of their career skill breaking them out of pox hound and mutant grabs, but killing the specialists instantly would be a little much – and either way, there wouldn’t be much skill expression to that, compared to matadoring a mutant (or beaning it with a box), or timing a push-block on a hound. Getting that right can be really satisfying.

I love playing SB as support, but I do admit it’s pretty frustrating to be out of boxes when a mutant shows up in a clutch situation. Ogryn’s whole thing is good stagger, and mutants are nearly unstaggerable barring Ogryn’s career skill or a surge staff user (the former not even working once someone is grabbed). Knocking Pox Walkers around with a power maul, high damage or not, I feel powerful, but hammering away at a mutant makes it feel like I’m using a toy made of hollow plastic.

Maybe if the Heavyweight perk boosted damage to mutants and/or monstrosities as well, there would at least be an option to address that shortfall, without having the Ogryn play by entirely different rules. And maybe you should be un-grabbable by disablers while charging, I dunno.

Ogryn should have a complete immunity to stuns and pins. If a dog pounces you should be able to do a quick time event and snap its neck or rip its head off. If the mutant pushes you you should be able to punch it in the head or break its arm.