Ogryn should be able to swat away bomber grenades

Would be a fun addition that wouldn’t break balance due to high skill floor requirement.


Why? It’s not like you need an Ogryn’s strength to do it.

I don’t think it will ever be a thing though, you’d end up being able to push from an impossible distance like when shoving dogs.

I wish Ogryn had access to Plasma gun. Dude is big enough to handle it or even a 2 hand melee weapon.

This new map has alot of ranged enemies, for once and only for this map I switch to Plasma Vet.

I know by lore Ogryn are basic minded and can’t do complex things, but adding venting to it’s mindset should be OK.

It’s not a problem of size, it’s more that it doesn’t really fit the theme (though there are BL books where an Ogryn is equipped with a Plasma Cannon).

For Ogryn fitting the same use as Plasma gun I think the best bet would be a Lascannon (Working somewhat like the Lucius Lasgun)

Why shoot with it when you can use it to punch?

TBH any class should be able to shove grenades out of midair. If you can shove a flying dog, you can shove a grenade.

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