Ogryn Permanent 50% damage reduction

Issue Description: Ogryn Permanent 50% damage reduction

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Ogryn
  2. Select Feats: 131111 (Bleed build w/ bleed bullrush)
  3. Join Meatgrinder
  4. Move as close to 3 enemies as possible
  5. Charge through them ensuring you end outside of melee range
  6. Damage Reduction (up to 50%) persists.
  7. As long as you don’t heavy attack or bullrush again, you will never lose 50% damage reduction.

Platform: Steam

Reproduction Rate: Often

Was able to reproduce without charge. Strike 5 targets with heavy attack and run out of melee range before bleed runs out and the stacks stay active.

Likely stacks will be removed by other sources of bleed, Bloodletting from Zealot or Frag Storm from Sharpshooter.