Offline lobby much?

Hey FS,

Could I get (at least an option to have) an offline lobby à la Vermintide2 ?

Loading time are exceedingly long (cf the state of your servers) every time I switch character so it would really be a great quality of life improvement to be able to have my own local lobby.

Moreover, in the current state of the game, the online lobby does not bring any added value to the player compared to an offline one, except being able to see other players run around and bunch up around the shops.

I practically never see anyone say anything on the Mourningstar chat and there is simply no activity (like a card minigame in a tavern as hinted in one of your trailers ?) that actually emphasizes player interaction inside of the lobby.

Thanks in advance.
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Offline lobby, or just fix the extreme loading times: As I sit there (and I am a dev myself),with my 16 core CUP, 64 GB of Ram and the M2 SSD that manages 3.6gb/s being pretty much idle, I wonder why I have to wait for such a freaking long time after any game, or after changing the operative… It is quite frustrating. Nice to see others run around, but can really do without if we get reasonable loading times instead.

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Also something that I absolutely love with the online lobby is just to run while spamming left right left right left right… The servers can’t handle the rapid input and my character starts teleporting left and right.

That good good feel of finished ready to launch product <3

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