(Obviously) Sniper, Trapper and Bomber should be staggered by melee attacks

I mean, I lost like 3 games on t5 just because I couldn’t kill a Sniper/trapper in front of me because instead of getting stunned by my melee attacks (using Chainaxe and 2H Chainsword special attacks) the Sniper/trapper started running away and shooting me all the time, which is absurd. When I start to use a chainsaw on the head of an enemy I expect him to be a little bit annoyed at least, for sure I don’t expect to see him running like Usain Bolt and then headshot me like nothing happened. I think the Bomber has the same issue but not sure


Bomber will give you a Sparta Boot if you wind up in his path but the sniper is comical yeah.

When you get within five feet of a sniper with your melee weapon out and he takes off at mach speed :