Nurgloth became invisible during phase 3

Unsure what exactly triggered it, but when phase 3 started, Nurgloth became invisible on my screen. I didn’t have him on my screen during the transition, so not 100% sure the phase 3 start was when he disappeared. I could still see small orange tracers (maybe from his eyes?) and swipe trails from swinging his scythe, but his actual model was invisible. I could still hear him and hit him, and he could still hit me, I just couldn’t see him.

Factors at the time…

  • Playing as Pyro with Flaming Flail and Corsucation Staff, with green ping
  • Pretty sure had critical overheat during switch to phase 3
  • Teammates were Grail Knight (red ping), Slayer (green ping) and Zealot (host)
  • Had a wound from being downed in second phase
  • Didn’t do a phase 2 skip (i.e. dps’ing him fast enough during phase 1 and skipping straight to 3), had a lot of horde adds on the floor when he switched to 3
  • Not using any mods that change visuals like Neuter Ult Effects
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