Nurgloth auto-push is slightly overtuned

Nurgloth during his final phase has a small area on his front which automatically pushes players away.
It’s a fine from a design standpoint but I think the size of this “auto-push area” on Nurgloth is a bit too wide and that the push sends you too far away.

Width: It can be frustrating trying to attack Nurgloth from the side and then he pushes you away for daring to engange in melee range from the side, it sends the message you should only engage in melee when behind Nurgloth.

Push distance: And on top of that the distance at which Nurgloth pushes you is a bit too much in my opinion, it can punish you for being “too close” by completely removing you from Nurgloth melee range for more than two whole seconds and can be a lot longer if he isn’t moving in your direction.
This pushing mechanic and it’s strength makes short weapons like dual daggers feel terrible to use against Nurgloth.