Numeric UI

Actually a good mod. It fixes Fatshark’s own bad design (they removed Ammo meter for Active skill meter) by giving people the ability to actually see their teammate’s remaining ammunition properly.

But more importantly, it will show you who is wearing Natural Bond so that you can kick them from the game. I am mildly impressed by something good happening.

why kick people with natural bond?


i rather get kicked from the game than play with people that autokick natural bond users rofl. i run nat bond on all my chars, it’s so awesome


Another day, another natural bond hater. If you’d kick someone just for that before seeing them play, you’re not worth playing with.


When you only get hit a few times per run, natural bond is great. It adds a new mechanic and creates an incentive for careful risk taking.

One day you may understand.

Natural bond is only as good as the player that uses it.


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