Numb to Pain talent makes Unchained too slow

I really like the talent’s concept, yet it falls back quite a lot due to the sheer movement slowdown that venting causes. You can easliy be left behind if you try to vent while your party is on the move, which is one of the few times you can vent at peace. Otherwise, you’d have to vent right on the face of the enemy, which can be troublesome especially on higher difficulties. I’d suggest extending the duration of numb to pain so you don’t have to do it all the time, or maybe the talent makes it so that you no longer get slow down when venting. I hope I made myself understood since english is not my native language. Cheers c:


I don’t think it’s designed to be used all the time for general DR. I’d assume it’s meant as a safety against things like warpfires and gas rats, which are particularly dangerous for UC.

Say you get caught in a blight storm, cornered by a warp fire etc. Numb to Pain lets you just vent your way out of the situation, taking very little heat or health damage as a consequence.

I do think it would be cool if it let you vent with your melee weapon out.


I honestly feel like it would have been cool for Unchained in general. Would make sence for a melee focused spec on Siena.

Sadly, the majority of the people thought that I am completely wrong, when I suggested it last time. >_>


I think it would be useful, I just never voiced my opinion at the time. In regards to the talent, it does seem like it requires a lot of upkeep for regular play. Unless you’re constantly fighting horde, having enough temp health to vent, enemies to use staves on and attention to provide to a 15 sec buff, it’s gonna fade away a lot of the time.

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Just tapping R once nets a stack, doing it while dodging helps keep momentum.
Unchained also gains Numb to pain stacks extremely quickly while blowing up.
Tapping R while dodging once very 15 seconds is pretty reasonable for the rewards of Numb to Pain.

*Tapping Q+R+Q while dodging once every 15 seconds.
Don’t forget, that Unchained is kind of supposed to be strong in Melee (which means actually using it for other things than blocking and kiting)

Agreed, letting you vent while having your melee weapon out would an excellent addition to the talent

So it would be a constant dmg reduction basically. Even if that talent didnt’ exist, venting on melee would remove everything about unchained in my opinion.

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