Now-now, who's excited for Dreadlands?!

Judging by the amount of topics here… not many. What are we supposed to talk about here?
Can i preorder it?

Though the lore will have to take a hit for this to happen, I’m hoping Fatshark will release some promotional crossover cosmetics in Vermintide for purchasing Dreadlands.

Even if not a cosmetic, at least a unique portrait frame.

Beats me. My guess is this forum was just created in advance, that way once its available and people are playing it they have a place to go.

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Too early of getting excited, too little info. Will see what comes of it in the near future. Pre-ordering before you know anything of the quality of the product is a big ask of a consumer, suggest not doing it.

Thank you for advice! R u ok?

Hey :smiley: Yes, this sub forum is here for people who want to ask questions - there’s not much information out in the wild right now for people to form discussion over, so the category is a bit quiet right now, but no doubt as Blackfox release more details, things will ramp up!

There’s some tidbits of information here in an interview with Lead Designer, Programmer and Producer - Peter - here from his visit to Rezzed 2019 last week :slight_smile:


Gonna be a pretty big year for turn-based tactics, seems like! We’ve got Phoenix Point, Xenonauts 2, and now Dreadlands. While I truly love x-com, I’m a little dismayed by how companies seem to keep going back to the alien defense well so persistently. Dreadlands looks like it could be very refreshing and also quite innovative with the coop PvE and PvP elements if they can make it work.


I, too, am pretty jazzed. I don’t like getting super excited about games until they are on my doorstep but I think that, as Dreadlands is revealed, I will find myself getting pretty revved up about it!

It certainly looks refreshing; now just to see how they pull it off!

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Not gonna lie, it sounds really ambitious to me! Tons of potential, though, I feel.

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sadly I’m still waiting the real fallout 3…

I feel ya. But to be honest I’m pretty satisfied with the big batch of turn-based RPGs that have turned up (e.g. Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Redturns, Pillars of Eternity). And, at this point, I feel the 50s-apocalypse schtick has been done to death so I’m content to toss flowers on Fallout 2’s grave.

“I’m a robot! Civilization totally collapsed but I failed to notice and so my unchanged concerns are out of place and hilarious!”

Funny the first 82 times, in my books.


It looks like a watered down Borderlands.

No, thank you.