Nothing works right in this game

in wastelands of chaos nothing works:
1-the position of infinite bombs when launching the first bomb quickly changes to the melee weapon instead of staying in the position of launching bombs and this exasperates
2-the ability to throw two bombs doesn’t work, good job, they put a patch that instead of solving problems worsens them or new problems come out or the same old problems and months old come back
3-some defense skills do not work the same, for example: the skill when carrying a melee weapon gives you a constant block but they push you and it is as if they removed the block or took a stamina point from you, it still counts as a successful hit instead of it blocking the attack or a charged attack having like 10 shield points it takes all of them away or any block counts as a parry and does nothing.
4-in the maps where there is lava the frames are brutally lowered, even if I put it in ultra low the frames are still lowered and a brutal slowdown is made and more if it is a map that has excessive spam.


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