Not every active skill needs to be a shout or dash

There are many weapons that could be nice to have but might be a bit overpowered or in general unbalanced for full options. However these might be nice to still include somehow.

An example i can give is…a rocket launcher for thr guardsman. While it can be balanced as a full ranged option maybe a 2nd thing could be make it a new skill the vet can grab in this skill tree? Make it well and truly a strong 40k rocket launcher but the balance is it being your “ultimate”

Perhaps a second “ultimate” weapon could be a very high powered sniper rifle, with a scope. You press the skill button to take it out and can take your time aiming and utterly deleting a target very far away then its put away, cant be pulled out again until after the skill cooldown.

Not every “skill” needs to be an actual skill per say. Some can be specialized weapons.

(Simmilar to the bounty hunter and engineer in vermintide 2)

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