Non-"toxic" scoreboard solution

entire premise is flawed, scoreboards are not toxic at all, neither is this community.

The entire talking point of toxicity in this game is a lie, and ironically a toxic attack against a good community.

A small minority of players who have the following traits are pushing this agenda, and some of the people at fat shark too:

  1. they are toxic.
  2. they can not appreciate other players doing a good job.
  3. they can not play to the level they feel they are at and scoreboards break the illusion.
  4. they have narcissistic grandiosity and take it as a personal attack that they were not first on the score board.
  5. they have a covert brand of narcissism, so they pretend to be the good guy, and say that everyone who likes scoreboards is evil, and they are just the victim. Victims have the moral high ground, so this plays into the illusion of grandiosity.
  6. they enjoy virtue signaling: “hey guys look at how moral i am because I don’t like evil scoreboards, and i’m a good person for saying you are all toxic.”

this really is a case of people with actual mental illness that makes them hate people who are good at the video game, or at least score better then they do, and its very confusing how they can get away with calling one of the nicest communities in the game “toxic.”

There is zero evidence that this community is toxic. this community has thousands of examples of evidence that it is not toxic: helping new players, building community tournaments, streamers, you tube guides, forums, discords all devoted to helping build a safe and fun community for everyone.

Our community is diverse and strong and brave, and very inclusive… if you call us toxic you hate all of that, you are a nazi and a bigot.

period. there is no place for hate here, you need to leave, and let us have our scoreboards in peace.


framing a group with different views, how undeniably just and righteous.

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i agree calling everyone who plays this game toxic is a horrible way to frame them, just because you are not good enough to score well on a score board. Imagine the mental gymnastics and projection it takes to square that.

“waaa you did better than me at a video game, you are toxic”

You don’t realize that you are proving what you want to deny.
I don’t say you are toxic, i say that you want to show that you’re better cause you have a better score.
Nothing is so wrong than this.

Someone with a surge staff can do a good team work and get bad score. Same goes for several situations.
You can damage a lot enemies and get other players killing the enemies you damaged. You end with the bad score but, in fact, you were useful for the team.


Come on, man.
Do not end your relatively reasonable post (in which you complain about other people virtue signaling) by virtue signaling yourself, and then just throwing around the favorite buzzwords of virtue signalers by calling people nazis and bigots for having a (maybe dumb) opinion.

nothing you said makes any sense at all.

I don’t prove your points because you say so, that is not how reality works.

you said someone with a surge staff can do a good teamwork and get a bad score, yet there are no score boards at all to prove this, it a nonsense made up claim.

also the claim that only people with good scores did teamwork is flawed nonsense and no one who wants scoreboards ever said that.

zero people who want score boards have ever said anything like that, you are not arguing in good faith.

further more you are not only making up nonsense claims, and attributing them to imaginary people you pretend you are fighting with, but you know exactly what you are doing.

you are making up a “exception to the rule” you are cherry picking an outlier, and what’s worse its not even a rule anyone said, its a made up rule.

you made it up that only people who get good scores do good teamwork, then you created a few rare exceptions to your own rule.

no one who wants scoreboards wants them for the reasons you state, the whole thing is a dishonest gaslight.

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how dare you! my post is 100% intended to be serious and not at all intended in anyway to expose the dishonest tactics of the people who hate this community because they are bad at video games.

Well sorry then :smiley:
idk you and with the way that some people express themselves on here, you can never know :smiley:

Maybe you could avoid terms like “mental illness” “nazi” “bigot”.

I am sorry, when I read your post again, I feel that I read someone that thinks he is better than the others who have a different opinion.
Maybe I have misinterpreted your post about the score itself. But when you say that, i read that you think that a good “score” is, necessary, being good and so being better

I want datas at the end of my game, but I would hate a “score”. But, that’s my feeling.

About your post… the other points… I don’t understand where you are going to. I did not invent something, I have read what you wrote and reacted to this.
Maybe cause your post seems a little (a lot) harsh toward all others that don’t think like you.

Also, your affirmation that a good score means that you did well for the team is also not proved. In fact, nothing can prove that, as nothing can prove what I said. But I did not want to prove something. This is just my feeling that when I see a psyker with a surge staff, everything becomes really easier. And so on… kills are not everything in the game.

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I think most people mean the regular stats like kills and damage, not some convoluted arbitrary „score“ value, when talking about a scoreboard and „scoring“ high or low.
At least that is how i understand it.


I think also…

I have written what I would like as datas…
And maybe the author of the mod scoreboard will give something close to this at one time.

And I agree that we need something to he done about that.
I don’t understand why we get a page that show us how much experience we have earned when we are level 30 and no summary of the mission.

But i don’t really care to be able to make comparison with others… What I need is datas to be able to compare my runs and the weapons I use.

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