No XP theory, "innocence proves nothing" after all!

I think the players who get no XP after every mission have serious outstanding accusations against them.

Our trust levels are not increasing because simply put, they don’t trust us. Which reminds me of Sienna Fuegonasus and Viktor Saltzpyre’s conversation:

S: What will it take for you to trust me, Saltzpyre?
V: Trust is an expensive commodity.
S: And I’ve not spent enough blood to earn it?
V: You have… But it is not what you give that concerns me, Fuegonasus, but what you yearn for.
S: Yearn for?
V: I fear that you are a slave to the flames, rather than the reverse. You, I trust. But only a simpleton would trust a raging fire.

Explicator Zola and that Sergeant Morrow and his karking moustache are keeping us down. Wouldn’t trust us with even marginally better wargear the karkers. Now I’m not suggesting conspiracy or sedition, mind you, I’ve spent enough time behind bars. By the Emperor, I’d rather shoot heretics than sit around in a cell.


That’s why they let you know there’s a traitor in the midst. Because they’re closing their case and they know its you.

I swear by the Throne, it’s not me!

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If we die in a mission, maybe our exp bar should take a hit, that’ll teach em!

“Pound the punies into mush and share the ammo”