No Rain, No Blood Spray, No Green Fire

Since upgrading my computer this past summer, I have not seen any rain or blood spray in the game. When I’m in the keep and it should be raining, I hear the rain, but walking around any of the outside portions of the keep, I see no rain.

Also, on mission, when killing rat men and north landers, as one does, I see the blood on the ground and on my camera, but this is no blood spray from the enemies I kill. And very recently, on Against the Grain, I came up against an invisible wall during a boss fight. After I died my friend informed me that I was running into a green wall of fire that I could not see.

My graphics settings are custom and optimized using GeForce Experience. I using a Ryzen 5 2600X CPU and GTX 1080 GPU. If anyone knows any settings I might try tweaking to fix this problem, let me know. Blood and Gore are on, and Particle Quality is set to Extreme.

Thank you!

Yes too low settings (effects) will make some essential particles vanish. (including stormfiend fire on the ground)

My problem has already solved itself. I updated drivers and can now see rain and blood spray. I am a newb. Commence tar and feathering. XD

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