No enemy sounds when Third Person Equipment mod is on

After some extensive testing, activating every on of the mods I use one by one, I found the culprit for the sound issues I’ve been having (like in this video).
There is currently an issue with Third Person Equipment mod. I don’t know if this is a mod code issue or if it is something FS can do anything about.

I recall hearing the mod has not been updated in a long time so it´s probably a good idea to ditch it entirely.

And unfortunately, the “soundless enemies” thing persists even without the mod, i´d guess it´s more with it on but right now in the wastes at least the enemy sound bugs are huge.

I hadn’t encountered the problem before a couple of days ago, and I haven’t encountered the problem since.
Granted, there are occasional backstab sounds that don’t play or specials like hookrats waddling around silently, but not generalized as it is with the mod.
Also yeah, its last update was on 8th of November, 2018.

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