No crossplay between xbox and steam on pc

Every developer faces the same problems in this regard. This is not a fatshark exclusive problem. But its possible almost everywhere else.
Not being able to coop with my friends on the same platform in a damn coop only game is a huge issue and its their responsibility.

Youre just being a simp at this point imo

Lol. Dude, a ton of Gamepass games aren’t crossplay with Steam. Calling me a simp for giving you a reality check when Darktide has a ton of massive issues that I’ve been critical of is pathetic. As it stands right now I wouldn’t recommend the game to anyone not desperate for a coop game or that was already a huge -Tide fan.

Actually all of them i played so far were cross play, so no idea what youre talking about.
In this case you are. Youre justifying not being able to coop in a coop game. Lmao…

Am i supposed to know everything you wrote on this forum? Cmon. Seriously?

Except I even just said I’d like crossplay. That said it does come with negatives and is not a simple “Just add it.” My entire issue was with your overly dramatic original post acting like it was done out of some malicious desire to segregate the player bases and calling for a boycott over it.

Don’t “Seriously” me when you’re just going for the ad hominem attacks because you have nothing else you can say as a rebuttal to legitimate points and trying to balance pros and cons. That deserves a seriously.

Uhm i never said anything like that. Quote me if i did.
I said that its unacceptable that i cant play with my friends on the same platform.
And i stand by that.
And i honestly dont give a s…about the hurdles.
Not being able to coop with friends in a coop game is a fundamental issue and no multiplayer game should release like that

Sure make it seem like it’s just a little thing they didn’t do for funsies.

At this point it’s just talking to a brick wall though.

Maybe cool down a little and actually consider what I said. Otherwise, stay outraged I guess. People (namely, devs) will take you a lot more seriously if you don’t spew hyperbole every single sentence.

Uh yeah so we agree thats obviously not what i said.
I totally understand what youre saying. Theres problem to overcome.
My point is that they should have been overcome before release. My opinion is being able to coop in a coop game is an essential feature.
You can have a different opinion. But thats your opinion.

Imo youre doing a disservice to the gaming community by justifying this.

I just want to know if crossplay will be implemented, and if so when? Will it be weeks away? Months? Maybe a year from now?
This game on GamePass will die in a couple of weeks, there are already less people than at launch. So I don’t want to make progression if I’m going to buy it on Steam in a few months anyway, because no one will play it on GamePass.

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isnt this going to be a M$ issue not a FS one? isnt it them that makes it hard to keep the versions the same and them that needs to forward the details to (i dont know but ill assume FS are just using steams back end as most seem to) steam.

as i understand the issue MS have a lengthy patch approval process where as steam lets you do what you want whenever so while the patches are coming freequently its just cost and beaurocracy from MS makes it impractical.

If crossplay really becomes a thing, i hope i’ll get an option in matchmaker to disable matching with xbox players.

And there was a time they also charged for this.
This was a good time because sold games where in a “finished” state at release …

in 1986 Elite was launched on the amstrad a port over from the bbcB the most well programmed 32k in existence to my mind. stuck the tape in and waited for it to load a few pressure k at a time.
Turns out there was a huge bug and space stations were being spawned inside the gravity well of planets meaning you crashed before you could dock. the software house’s phone number was actually on the tape sleeve i called em up and got to talk to one of the devs about it , that was cool :wink:

since software has been released its been released unfinished and buggy i wont deny its got worse, but its got a lot more complex to and before ship and patch there was , just ship it.

it really wasnt always better

I also know this time with games on tapes where you waited sometimes 30 minutes to load this before you could play.
Off course there must be a few games with bugs because of the ammount of games. I remember i buyed mid 90´s pinball fantasy with an virus on the original cd.
But this was not normal, this was rare at the time back then, till around 2010.
Today this looks more like a standart.
“Release it now fix it later (and call it live service)”, “create a problem sell the solution” this is why i normaly wait half a year before i look at a game really.
This whole “pre-order” with nice extra items system looks to me serves only one purpose: it is only used so you can´t get informations before you buy.

Why ?! You think PC players are better ? More “adult” ?! What a joke ! I prefer to play with console player than PC player for what I see on darktide ! full of angry people who insult you because team lose (but it’s the fault of all the players in most of the case … not just one) … okay all PC players are not like that for sure but console or PC players … it’s the same today ! We play the same games after all … and the mentality is the same.

Nope, console player will never perform as good on a joystick like pc player with mouse. High risk of wiping a run because of such player. Dont wanna waste time in this time demanding game. Like i said, if crossplay i want an option to play with only pc players.

I play with a gamepad (a 360 controller) on PC so … and I’m not the black cheep of a team because I play with controller ! I don’t love play with mouse/keyboard, I hate that … so I’m better with gamepad.