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While i was playing i came up with a few update ideas that might make the game more better and fun
-More hero variations
-More gear loot added into the game so people always have something to grind for
-Make it where you have to buy keys in game to get chests don’t make chests common to get
-Possible 3rd person feature (Toggled in options)

  • More heroes added so people can get loot for new heroes once again to make it grindy and better experience

For the first, fatshark said during the AMA that new classes are almost a sure thing, expect them.

No thank you, having to buy keys to open chests that you already had to finish a map to get will not go over well with 99% of the community. People are still upset that chests were even implemented in the first place.

There is a 3rd person mode but I don’t know if it will ever get approved. 3rd person animations do not match first person animations and would cause a lot of confusion. Not to mention being able to see behind you to dodge.

As for new heros, they stated it’s most likely not going to happen and they have no plans currently to implement new heros.


They also confirmed on stream we’re getting at least one new career next year.

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Considering the lack of sound of certain enemies, and no peripherals as you would IRL, this would be a nice balance. If getting ganked without a chance to react to something is considered fair gameplay, we might as we not have hit points, everyone should just die in one hit.

No sound is a bug and you shouldn’t make game design choices based around bugs.

Lack of peripheral vision can be limited by upping the FoV. Still, you should not be able to see behind you.

Either way, it doesn’t bother me if it’s added or not. I wouldn’t use it, but if other people enjoy the feature, why not?


Wow! One whole career in the next 15 months?!

Truly outstanding!

Obviously being sarcastic here, but it is nice to see some actual confirmation that we’re getting more careers soon™ (it better be a Horned Hunter or a lot more than just goats are what’s going to be sacrificed come Mitterfruhl).

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while we’re being sarcastic and cynical, the last announcement from FS is that they “hear us loud and clear” in regards to all the complaints with the garbage heap they threw at us, and that they are working towards addressing all these issues.

Somehow, I immediately thought to the Simpsons episode where Bart kept asking for the new Mortal Kombat game and his parents bought him Arnold Palmer Golf…

I move for a vote of no confidence…

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I would like to see an adjusted difficulty level. Legend isn’t what it used to be & I know I won’t enjoy cataclysm… I can get annoyed with wipes in legend after 2.0 , or play a match of champion and be so bored I walk away. Just adding more hp to champion would make it more viable as a stepping stone.

I don’t know how new players make the jump from champ to legend currently. Maybe they are the people that run off and die alone.

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