New XBOX1 Players Cant Play A Full Game

Hi there, my buddy and I downloaded the game Oct 1st, suuuuuuper excited to find a L4D+WoW hybrid game. So pumped.

After FINALLY getting past the prologue (I beat it 4 times, he beat it twice), and putting the game down for most of the day, we were able to jump online for our first quickmatch. I got in and he joined me.

Then I “Lost Connection to XBOX Live”, and he of course “Lost Connection To Host”… Bummer. We tried again, and again, and then finally we suffered through the long ass loading screens and constant disconnects, to complete a full match! It was awesome.

We kept at it, our CO-OP enthusiasm powered us through about 6 hours of gaming, and completed 2 complete matches end to end, cumulatively. We both managed to luck into joining nearly-complete games once or twice (we switched to independently joining games because we just COULD NOT get a game with both of us to work for longer than 20 minutes), lucking us into a couple levels and loot boxes,but the connection issues have both thoroughly turned us off the game for the moment.

We play Rocket League together regularly, no issues. We don’t have any DLC.

Are the servers overloaded? Do I need to get the DLC? Please help, can’t play. Want to play. Send help.

Sorry to hear about this. Could you and your buddy please both ensure you have an open NAT? More information on how to do this can be seen here:

Yes we both have OPEN NATs. Moreover, we are both hardlined into the same router, and are in the same room.

Is UPnP enabled in your router?

Actually no. Also, my NAT seems to switch between open and moderate.

I want to mention, my UPnP was actually enabled from my router, but labeled as “not successful” by the xbox.

I bet that’d be the problem. Try running through the instructions here:

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