New "weapon swap buff" tallent for BH. Thoughts. What about a little rework?

I played new BH build for a bit.

I’d like to say that this new “weapon swap buff” performs really good for ranged weapon, because you hardly can spend all your 6 stacks of empover. And I really like the way it works for now, can’t call it underperforming or ain’t welcoming choice, but melee part of it a bit odd. Like, even with 1h axe which can be considered as a slowest weapon with biggest hit damage it’s a bit hard to take advantage of that buff. I understand that all the point in my ranged and with repeater bow or brace it would be better. But 6 strikes is a really small amount, it’s enough to kill 1 or 2 enemies but nothing more.

And I’ve been thinking. What if melee part will be given for time, not for strikes amount? Like, make it 5-8 seconds buff and every stak of it will give you +3% power up to 5 stacks? It will allow players to take much more advantage of this perk in melee

Anyways I consider this tallent good even now with ranged empover and don’t think it really need any buffs, but this rework will make it much more welcoming and impactfull for melee combat than it is for now.

I agree the effect it has on ranged damage is pretty consistent and helpful, the effect it has on melee damage much less so. I find it works well enough with volley bow, where pushing, dodging back and spamming two triple shots into the horde to quickly refresh the stacks is pretty practical and helpful.

The talent definitely lacks synergy with other ranged weapons in the melee department. First problem IMO is repeater’s alt shot only generating 1 melee stack, it should clearly generate a stack per enemy hit, or even per bullet that hits an enemy. Maybe I’m asking a bit much here, but it should continue to only consume 1 ranged stack on alt shot, otherwise you ruin a lot of the synergy with rep pistol and further discourage use of the alt shot (which is already statistically trash, it only has any use because of BH’s guaranteed crits).

I don’t mind your idea, but I’d prefer something a little less complicated, like making each shot from a ranged weapon generate 2 melee stacks, up to a maximum of 10 stacks. I think this would be enough to make the talent work with every ranged weapon, while leaving a stronger synergy with volley bow and rep pistol (if above changes were made to interaction with alt shot) which is fine, synergies are interesting.

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The idea of empowering 2 attacks by shot is really nice for me to. But I should say, that if we will force 8-shooter to generate more than 1 stack per shot it will affect other game parts. Like, if 8 shooter will generate stack per hit, then it reworked tallent and other weapons will work this way to, that’s too much IMO. If we rework 8 shooter to shoot, like, 8 little shots as Kruber’s repeater, then we loose advantage of crit, Hunter and Necesessery, because for now game count alt fire as shotgun blow with consistent round spread.
The only way is to buff repeater and not brake anything is to make this tallent give you empowered strikes for every consumed ammo, not for shots fired. In this game it’s a different thing and with this rework tallent just will never work with rapier’s alt pistol.

Eh, I was kinda trusting FS to be able to change this specific interaction without changing all the others (which I agree would be a nerf otherwise). Maybe I’m optimistic and it’s all too entangled but it may not matter since 6 second blessed shots cooldown is arguably a better pick for rep pistol is you’re not gonna run prize bounty anyway.

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15% additional power is good to get close to CW oneshot since it’s stacking wit our other buffs but yes, 6 seconds sounds more attractive if you wanna improove your ranged capabilities with most of BH arsenal. And Swap buff should improove both ranged and melee combat but for now melee bufs looks kinda rudimentary or like a little nice bonus to ranged empover

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