New Weapon Properties

My idea is to create some weapon property bonuses that pair with penalties. Consider the following:

Melee -

  • Increased Impact, but decreased attack (or decreased impact but increased attack speed))
  • Increased Damage+impact, but can only use heavy attacks
  • Increased damage and attack speed, but heavy attacks consume one stamina shield

Ranged -

  • Arrows are on fire, and ignite what they hit, but ammo degrades over time
  • ammo bounces once off of a wall or floor, if this happens the damage is halved
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I quote them all together because it would be overall a nice idea to think about something like boons und debuffs - Something like cursed Weapons that have a huge upside but also a huge down side, could be some sort of an upgrade / Sidegrade to Veteran Weapons

I wouldnt make this a property for weapons, this could be a good start for somehow of an “combo system” you know like - Sienna can throw a fire field / Lamp oil / Fire Grenade and if the arrow passes through it, is sets itself on fire, and ignite enemies with dots. Could provide somesort of strategic thinking in fights ^^

This sounds actually interesting, but i think it would be too random if you cant predict the bounce off, it wouldnt make much of an difference than maybe one lucky shot around the wall into a slave rat every 200 shots ^^

So, if the upside would be “You can predict your bounce shots through a line” like some games make it with their grenade throws to aid the player dont throwing them right infront of something they cant do sh*t but the downside would be “Your Shots always does the half of your damage”, thats would be worth thinking about imo

Bacon coated blade - makes rats go for you when proc :smiley:

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